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A Welsh getaway

I've been a bit absent from blogging lately as we’ve been spending a few long weekends getting away from it all.  When hubby and I discuss places to stay, we have different sets of criteria. All he needs is a river, a toothbrush and a set of clothing, me I like a little bit more luxury. I had heard of the cottage a few years ago when I watched a programme on TV, and so when Wales came into the conversation, I knew that’s where I wanted to stay. We wanted remote, rural, no neighbours, no noise and no traffic, just abundant countryside and the whisper of nature. We stayed in a wonderful little cottage called Ty Unnos, which roughly translated means “a one night house”, a house that was built from sunset to sunrise. Many years ago it was believed that if a person could build a house on common land in one night, then the land belonged to them as a freehold. Typically, it was farm labourers who would build these mostly rudimentary homes, very basic with walls and a roof, which were

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