A Welsh getaway

I've been a bit absent from blogging lately as we’ve been spending a few long weekends getting away from it all.  When hubby and I discuss places to stay, we have different sets of criteria. All he needs is a river, a toothbrush and a set of clothing, me I like a little bit more luxury. I had heard of the cottage a few years ago when I watched a programme on TV, and so when Wales came into the conversation, I knew that’s where I wanted to stay. We wanted remote, rural, no neighbours, no noise and no traffic, just abundant countryside and the whisper of nature.

We stayed in a wonderful little cottage called Ty Unnos, which roughly translated means “a one night house”, a house that was built from sunset to sunrise. Many years ago it was believed that if a person could build a house on common land in one night, then the land belonged to them as a freehold. Typically, it was farm labourers who would build these mostly rudimentary homes, very basic with walls and a roof, which were nothing like what we would consider a cottage today. This particular cottage was built along the lines of a more sturdy structure typical of a labourer’s cottage in rural wales.  I really admire the authentic way in which the owner built the cottage, nothing was left to conjecture (If you’re interested to learn more about Welsh cottages you can read The Welsh Cottage by  Eurwyn Wiliam, available on Amazon  here and if you love rural but with a touch of luxury click on the link: TheWelshHouse

As we crossed the threshold it felt like we really had stepped back in time, albeit with electricity, but with much less “stuff” around and furnished in such an eloquent way as to allow one to enjoy the simple yet authentic Welsh antiques. With no wifi, TV or neighbours, just open fields with wild flowers and the sounds of nature around us, we began to unwind and relax. A crackling wood burning stove kept up warm as well as creating that mesmerising deep orange glow we all love to stare at. When there's no other noise except the birds and wind, nothing more to do than just breathe in and breathe out, your thoughts turn inward, truth emerges and you find yourself restored and rested on a very deep level.

I haven't blogged about interiors for a while now, but this cottage is so humble in décor and yet so exquisitely beautiful that I felt I wanted to show you some of the photos I took as well as some of the places we visited.

On our walk to Barafundle Bay which seemed a bit like a pilgrimage with everyone walking along in rows to get to the hidden beach. Hubby is carrying our picnic basket on his shoulder because as the handle broke, probably due to me packing too much!

St David's Cathedral in St David's Pembroke and pretty homes and cottages. Did you know St David's is the smallest city in the U.K? I didn't.

These stone cottages are quite typical in Wales

I've got another post on Wales which I'll share in a few weeks.

I'm so enjoying bank holiday weekend, aren't you?



  1. Hi Sharon, it is good to see a post from you. I don't seem to have much time to blog these days either! Your cottage in Wales looks wonderful and looks similar to a cottage we will be visiting in Anglesey in the summer although it is slightly less rustic. I love the interior of your holiday cottage. Our son's first holiday was to Pembrokeshire and we had to visit his namesake of St David's. I will look forward to seeing another post from you about Wales. Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, it was such a lovely place to stay, do look on the website I mentioned. I would love to explore a little higher up as well. St David's is such a lovely city, a walker's dream I should think! Sharon x

  2. Welcome back.....wowww i Will live in That cottages too !!!.....looooove it !!.....love happy week Ria x ❤️

    1. Hi Ria, yes I was thinking the same, it's so lovely. Thanks for always commenting. Sharon x

  3. One word! WOW! What a beautiful place...I love every picture! This is my style of living :)
    Have a great weekend now, take care Sharon!

  4. Imagens rusticas e campestres. Que lindas flores. Abraço.


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