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 I've been moving furniture around and visiting antique markets since my late teens. Soon I was getting involved in friends and family's redesigns and taking on bigger projects such as kitchen redesigns, lounge makeovers and bedroom remodels.

 I love trawling antique fairs, charity shops and art galleries.  I live near the beach where I love riding my bicycle and watching the waves. 

I was born in England where I spent a short but influential time and then left to spend the rest of my youth in South Africa, a real melting pot of exotic cultures. The vibrancy of this colourful country has influenced the way I see and use colour in interiors. Home is now England and I'm loving it!  I have fond childhood memories of running around in Bluebell 
covered woods.

With so much variety to choose from, we all want to have a beautiful home, but sometimes we need a little help putting it all together.

If you'd like any information on my interior design services or would like a room/s redecorated, please contact me on sharondj@hotmail.co.uk
or visit my website or Facebook:


I'd really love to hear from you!


  1. Sharon, hi!
    I'm Gilles Montezin, I operate a blog where we post everything about female artists to help them get more exposure. We do mostly interviews and post also book reviews. I was wondering if you would give me the permission to re-post your review about the book "Absolutely Beautiful Things ". We would mention your name as the author, with a link to your website or blog, you choose. Let me know here : ifwartists@gmail.com Thanks Gilles


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