Saturday, 31 January 2015

Friendships and bedrooms

Hello lovely people of the blogland, how are you all on this beautiful grey and somewhat rainy Saturday?  You know the feeling when you've met up with an old friend you haven’t seen in a long while, and when you’re all done, you think why did it take you both so long to meet up….well I'm having those feelings….I've just come home for a delicious lunch with a dear and lovely friend of mine who is leaving soon to stay in St Helena Island for six months.  Sometimes we don’t make time to invest in friendships, which are equally if not sometimes more important than family relationships and I haven’t even got an excuse.   How many friendships does one have where you don’t see each other for 18 months but as soon as you set eyes on each other, it seems like yesterday….they are few and far between and to be cherished. My lovely friend will be blogging about her experiences whilst there, and I’ll be posting a link to her brand new blog soon, so you can follow if you have any interest in life on an Island where there are only approximately 3800 people! Yes, no typo….imagine that….we are 64 million peeps in the UK and growing daily!

With the bedroom project under way, my thoughts have turned to all things bedroom, headboards, bedlinen and all the lovely accessories that can change a plain bedroom into a luxurious haven.

As you know, I'm all about budget finds, vintage and DIY but sometimes it’s worth splurging on accessories and lighting because they can really take your room to another level especially if they are well chosen and really give the room a wow factor! Taking a mediocre room from bad to fab will involve spending a little money, but if you’re not replacing the headboard or the bedside tables, you can dig a little deeper and spend money on those items that will take the room to another level visually, providing of course that the pieces remaining will marry well with the new changes you’re making.  In my own home I have found that changing the accessories like cushions and swopping out the table lamps can really change the mood of a room.  It’s all in the details, the pattern on the cushions, the shape and size of the lamps and adding wall art to a bare wall.

I like to source my cushions from Etsy because some shops use designer fabrics which are way cheaper than if I bought them straight from the designer, so I am saving a few pounds which is never a bad thing.  Cushions are one way of adding instant visual impact without spending loads of cash.  Of course, they were never going to be cheap, and let’s face it, what’s the point of redesigning a space if you’re not going to spend the money on the one thing that will give your room instant impact.  If you can’t afford original art, art prints are value for money and having a huge artwork above the bed can create just the drama you are looking for.  Bedside table lamps can make such an impact, but sometimes they are the last things we think about, so we plonk a tiny 30cm tall lamp down when we've spent loads on decking out the rest of the bedroom and we wonder why it still doesn't feel right. 

So does your bedroom need a refresh?  Does it look a bit grey, flat and uninteresting?  Get rid of the patterned bedding, and invest in some luxurious white bedlinen, change out the table lamps, think tall, sculptural and big, add a few stunning cushions in a great design…. so a little inspiration, sharing a few of my favourites from my Bedroom Pinterest board….of course I love colour, so I'm posting colourful bedrooms with lots of pattern and texture.

Have a great week!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

A little bedroom makeover

In December last year I started on a little long distance bedroom redesign. It's not a huge project, just doing a few tweaks here and there which will hopefully freshen up the entire space.  

The challenge is the client is 12000km away, the budget is tight and all I've got to go on is a few photos taken from different angles. I’d love to get on a plane and spend three weeks pulling it all together, but that’s not going to happen any time soon!

The brief was for a calm and relaxing bedroom not too much colour and no large screaming patterns.  She was very specific about the colours she wanted; teal blue, pale blue and taupe.   The client is quite traditional in style, so I kept that in mind and didn't go too modern.  On the up side, the room is a good size with large windows and plenty of natural light and wood flooring. All the pieces of furniture were staying in the room, the pine console table, the rattan headboard and side tables, which are kind of cute but I thought we could improve on the overall look of the room whilst still keeping within budget.

I created two different mood boards that have slightly different accessories, like lamps, rugs and cushions and then asked client which one she liked best. She chose elements from both boards.  In this particular instance, the client has to source the products herself, trying to match the products as much as possible to the design brief.  So we have this thing going on where she sends me pics of cushions, rugs and table lamps and I say yay or nay! And this has been going on for a few weeks now!  If she can’t find the products we are looking for I might just have to purchase them here and send them over, but for now, our plan seems to be working out pretty well.  

Although the overall scheme is quite tonal, I have managed to incorporate texture and pattern and a pop of yellow to brighten it all up and add a bit of visual interest.

So I thought I would show you the two mood boards I started with:

And here are a few before photos: 

I'll keep you updated on the progress a little later in the year.

Take care

Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas Table

Hello lovely people of the blog world.  
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who pops in to read this little old blog of mine and leaving me lovely comments.  I really do appreciate it.  I never got round to replying to your last comments as I caught a bad cold and have been sniffing and snuffling my way through new year’s eve until now.

For me Christmas has always been about family, family and just family.  Every year I do a different table just for the sheer joy I get out of being able to play around with decorations and baubles and create a story each year. To be honest, the table is more important than the food...okay that's not quite true, but it all starts with the visual story right?  This year it was all about the vintage looking gold Reindeer and I built the rest of the table around him. He's pretty impressive yes? So to kick start the new year with you all, here’s my sparkly gold Christmas table photos.

I've told myself that this year is my year.  I have to step outside of my comfort zone, (also known as the sofa) and be a little more progressive  in the pursuit of my dreams.  My design philosophy has always been that you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands to have a stylish home and that everyone deserves to come home to a space that reflects who they are and what their needs are.  I spent many years in South Africa where we have an abundance of space and homes are obviously larger and more spacious.  Here in the UK, on this tiny Island, homes were built vertically instead of horizontally due to lack of space. So homes are generally smaller.  But smaller doesn't mean you can’t have a beautifully styled room just because you don’t have the space.  It just means you need to be a bit clever and savvy with how you decorate it.

Last years projects included quite a few small space redesigns, which I'm really pleased with considering the space I had to work with! And I can’t wait to start on another project.  

If you have a small space or a large space you'd like redesigned, please contact me on my FB page or leave your email in the comments section and I'll get back to you shortly.

So here’s to 2015 and all its possibilities!
Until next time!