Christmas Table

Hello lovely people of the blog world.  
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who pops in to read this little old blog of mine and leaving me lovely comments.  I really do appreciate it.  I never got round to replying to your last comments as I caught a bad cold and have been sniffing and snuffling my way through new year’s eve until now.

For me Christmas has always been about family, family and just family.  Every year I do a different table just for the sheer joy I get out of being able to play around with decorations and baubles and create a story each year. To be honest, the table is more important than the food...okay that's not quite true, but it all starts with the visual story right?  This year it was all about the vintage looking gold Reindeer and I built the rest of the table around him. He's pretty impressive yes? So to kick start the new year with you all, here’s my sparkly gold Christmas table photos.

I've told myself that this year is my year.  I have to step outside of my comfort zone, (also known as the sofa) and be a little more progressive  in the pursuit of my dreams.  My design philosophy has always been that you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands to have a stylish home and that everyone deserves to come home to a space that reflects who they are and what their needs are.  I spent many years in South Africa where we have an abundance of space and homes are obviously larger and more spacious.  Here in the UK, on this tiny Island, homes were built vertically instead of horizontally due to lack of space. So homes are generally smaller.  But smaller doesn't mean you can’t have a beautifully styled room just because you don’t have the space.  It just means you need to be a bit clever and savvy with how you decorate it.

Last years projects included quite a few small space redesigns, which I'm really pleased with considering the space I had to work with! And I can’t wait to start on another project.  

If you have a small space or a large space you'd like redesigned, please contact me on my FB page or leave your email in the comments section and I'll get back to you shortly.

So here’s to 2015 and all its possibilities!
Until next time!


  1. I love your beautiful table decorations, they're gorgeous....Hope all your dreams will come true this year Sharon, your year....

  2. Yes, this is the year...2015...why wait for everything to happen? I must also go with my dreams and take a step from the comfort zone! Not so easy...
    Well, a nice post from you and I wish you the best, take care!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, that's what I have to say about your Christmas table decoration.


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