Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year

Wishing you all 
 a wonderful 2015!

Thank you all for following, reading and just stopping by to comment.

I want it to slow down

As last year passed in a blink of an eye
I want to cherish my family more

Spend time with my lovely husband

Take more bike rides

Indulge in me time

 Go on a photography course so that I can post pretty pics on this blog of mine

Take more walks

Eat healthier foods

Laugh more

Worry less about the future and embrace the present

And all its possibilities…

(All images via Pinterest)

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas

This year has passed too quickly.  And tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the start of our family tradition of the feast of seven fishes.  Fish will be cleaned, garlic chopped and lemons squeezed.  We will hold hands in thanks and remember our blessings.

It's time.  Time to wind down, find inner peace and reflect on the past year and to be grateful.  All that remains is to say happy holidays and Merry Christmas.  May you and your families enjoy the blessings of togetherness that this season brings.


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Decorating

The tree is up, a real one.  We had this debate about whether to go faux or real.  It was 3:1 for the faux, but I won on the multiple benefits to having a real tree…the smell, the colour…but truth be told, I wanted a real tree for Honeybee who is once again on the move…

A week ago, I casually draped some lights over a curtain rod, added sparkly lights to the mirror.  I decorated with the same stars from last year, except I sprayed them gold and added some white reindeer and a small faux Christmas tree.  This year my colour is gold…it was going to be red, gold and green, however somehow the red got lost….maybe next year…I’m not big on  tinsel and wall to wall Christmas decorations but this year I bought some honeycomb decorations which seem to be enjoying a bit of a revival.  Old news in terms of Christmas decorations, but they now come in lovely gold, silver and white, which I am loving.  And finally, a gold Reindeer, beautiful isn’t he? 

Speaking of Christmas and all the stress of buying gifts and creating a magnificent meal fit for a king, I've decided I'm not going to play superwoman this year.   I'm going to be kinder to myself and let my hair down a little (think Farah Fawcett in her big hair days).    I've made lists but I'm not panicked when I see names not yet ticked off and I'm not stressing about THE MEAL; I decided to cut a few corners so that I have more time to chill with the family instead of peeling, slicing and dicing…there, I've said it… (being the sort who peels her own fresh carrots, this is a big deal for me!) All except the roast potatoes which I've already frozen.  This year for the first time ever in my life, it’s all about making it easy on myself.    The croquembouche I boasted about to all and sundry will have to wait until I can master the spun sugar technique which is proving more difficult than I anticipated….the rest I can deal with.  I can.  And I’m looking forward to it.

How are you decorating this Christmas?  


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Wild Wreath making

Hello lovely people, I haven't managed to blog very often this last month.  So how's your Christmas prep list going? Do you have your Christmas tree all tinselled and baubled up yet?  I confess I haven’t! This year I can’t decide between buying a real tree and going down the faux route as there are some pretty amazing faux Christmas trees around and they are getting better and better looking each year.  If I don’t make up my mind soon it just might be too late to put one up at all.  

Anyhow, talking of foliage, pine needles, and all things festive, instead of dressing the tree, my eldest daughter and I went on an amazing wild wreath making course at Sarah Moore Vintage and what a morning it was.  Making my own wreath always sounded so intimidating, but it's quite easy when you're given tips by an expert!

Our Saturday morning started bright and early driving up and down winding narrow country roads, all frosted up and glistening in the early morning sunlight, it finally felt more like December should…cold and icy... we pulled up to see the barn door flanked with Christmas trees and all lit up with lights.   Inside was all decked out with beautiful vintage treasures to buy, flickering candlelight, and gorgeously dressed tables laden with vintage crockery and glassware with the scent of pine needles and the fresh foliage wafting through the air.  I deliberately left my purse at home because I knew I would not be able to resist the urge to buy, buy, buy! Instead I focused on making a wreath from hand-picked wild foliage, which Sarah had ready for us in large florist buckets and woven baskets.  There was so much variety it was hard to imagine it all came from our wonderful countryside.  A large log fire burned warmly outside in the courtyard and mince pies and plenty of tea in pretty vintage cups was available for warming up. 

We were so busy ‘making’ we forgot to take ‘before’ pics so these iPhone photos will have to do.  It was fun to see how we all started off with the same florist’s foam base but we all created such different wreaths! A few hours later and I have a stunning (well I think so!) wreath to hang and dare I say it… it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ….

Now to hang it on the door, a little drilling is required me thinks!

Until next time