Hi everyone, you know when you've had three months of visitors coming and going and then they finally leave...and although it's been fabulous and lovely to see everyone, one has a secret yearning to get back into some sort of routine, that's how I am feeling right now.  Summer seems to have just passed by without me even noticing,  and it's officially Autumn on 22 September... so we can unpack the woollies and the boots and get ready to go walking in the woods!

So I'm into serene interiors, somewhere to curl up and read a book as I haven't done that in ages.  I'm thinking of  plump squashy cushions in all the rich colours of autumn, textured throws and comfy quilts.

My favourite interior books these days are those that have heaps of character.  Well worn chairs that have graced the homes of those whose names we do not know, mahogany chests groaning with an interesting array of visual stimulation and walls and walls of books.  Quaint old fashioned vases filled with old fashioned blooms, slouchy couches and well worn rugs.

Ben Pentreath is an architect and interior designer of note and his book English Decoration is one of those books - full of character and charm, full of Englishness.  

available from Amazon here

(my instagram photos of two pages in the book)

And these are my spots for slouching, reading and day dreaming...full of charm and character

(all images courtesy of Pinterest)

Until next time...


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