Dining rooms

Our weather down south has been variable lately and it seems summer has already departed and so my focus is on interior spaces.

I realised going through my blog posts, that I've seldom done a post on dining rooms.
Sometimes it seems like the dining room is obsolete and has been replaced by open plan kitchen/diners.
 A sad room just off the kitchen which collects clutter and looks unloved and a bit like nobody lives there.  No character, no colour and no thought put into the decor.  Small wonder then that nobody wants to eat in there!  

Everything in interior spaces is personal and we all have different tastes and we all use our spaces depending on the size of the family, whether there are children, whether we live formally or more casually, whether we entertain or not.

 But what's the KEY to a great dining space?

A few pointers to keep in mind if you want to change your dining room into somewhere you want to hang out!

  • Don't buy a dining room set with matching chairs unless you're going the formal route
  • Don't go beige
  • Add oversized interesting lighting
  • Add colour either to walls or fabric on chairs
  • Add a statement rug
  • Add great wall art


slightly rustic...




Have a great week!


  1. Hello Sharon ...ILove the glamorous one...
    Erna x

    1. Hi Erna, yes it caught my eye too...really lovely! Have a lovely day!

  2. All great points, I need to add some nice artwork to my dining room as well as finish it up. I need to get my son to bring my china cabinet back so I can paint it. Then I need my son to help my husband take my keyboard downstairs. THEN, my dining room will look useable.
    Nice post. I love the colourful din. rm!

    1. Glad you could get a few tips...have a lovely weekend!


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