toned down

Christmas seems to have crept up on me unawares this year.  I am not in the slightest bit prepared.   Are you?  Last year I had everything organised, right down to the table settings, the menu, the colour of the candles, and what cutlery I would use.

I think it's because very early in the year I decided I wanted a more simple Christmas.  Toned down.   Still beautiful, magical and real, but pared down.  In colour and in theme.  Simplistic.  Nothing too glamourous, too glitzy or too shiny.   I'm not sure I'll get it right, but I am aiming for something like this:

Rustic, natural linen, a bit of foliage and some taupe candles and some homemade clay tags

(all pictures via Pinterest)

My style board to make sure I get it all right:
water hyacinth placemats John Lewis, bark candles from Nordic House, and I love the Spode Rural Delamere available at John Lewis, cutlery my own.

My last two Christmas tables were full of bling and glitter!

Have you started decorating the house for Christmas yet?
I think I might have to this weekend!



  1. I tried to have a more simple and natural Christmas last year and have picked up many ideas from pinterest too. I love the pictures you have choosen and your style board.
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah, my natural inclination is to reach for the little bit of glamour, but I'm really trying to choose natural foliage and plain candles etc...hope it works out...x

  2. Lovely pictures, I prefer all these authentic things like foliage, wood, pure linen...I must do something this week end but I don't know from where to begin...
    Happy week end!

    1. It's a busy time, I try to make lists and tick the items off when I've completed them... Happy weekend to you too Olympia! xx

  3. Hi Sharon !! yes it is almost this time...happy Ria...x !

  4. Sharon, a tua mesa de Natal do ano passado ainda está na minha memória...muito linda!
    Amei a ideia de um Natal com decoração ainda não pensei em nada para nossa Noite de Natal, gosto muito da decór tradicional porque me traz lembranças muito queridas.
    Um ótimo final de semana, amiga querida.

    1. Hi Silvia thank you! I'm going to try and keep it natural but I' not sure I can keep the glitter entirely out of the picture! xx

  5. Hi Sharon,

    I like your Christmas tables of Christmases past! We won't be spending Christmas dinner at home this year, so I don't have to give the decoration of the table much thought. I like the natural style you choose for this year.

    Have a good weekend!

    Madelief x

    1. Thanks Madelief, I love dressing up the table, hope I can get my natural table as nice as the past Christmases! Happy weekend to you too! x

  6. I LOVE your idea of a natural style this year. I want to come to your Christmas dinner!


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