Thank you all so much for your comments the bedroom makeover. Know that your comments and time spent reading my blog mean so much to me.

 We are in the final stages of putting it all together, so don't go away, I'll be posting pics of the final reveal soon!

After all this rain we've had, I'm in the mood for Spring days - sunshine and bicycle rides.  My potted bulbs have all but drowned in the heavy rain we've been having, especially the tiny crocuses.  

And with warmer days in mind I feel like a change in decor.   Now I love paint, but I'm even more in love with wallpaper.  There are so many patterns available and it just changes everything about a room.  It might be because I spent years in a country where no one used wallpaper, in fact you had to import it, or pay extortionate prices just for one roll.  So I've been browsing my favourite wallpaper stockist Farrow and Ball.  

Now one thing I really love about Farrow and Ball wallpaper is that it is tactile.  It really does feel like the pattern has been painted on with their fabulous paints.  But not only that, the wallpapers have all been designed to match their paints, so you're always going to get a really good match!


And here's how it looks on the walls.  This is a very arts and crafts looking house, with beautiful pieces of hand crafted  furniture and it could have looked quite heavy and drab but the wallpaper really lightens it up and brings a fun element into the room.  The tones are warm especially when teamed with brass lampstands.

and here's another picture of the same wallpaper but see how different it looks teamed with black and  brass - the black furnishings have cooled the entire look down.

and who would have thought about putting this lovely Lotus wallpaper in the kitchen to glam it up a notch!

And right on the opposite side of the colour wheel I've been looking at this beauty - Cole and Son's Cowparsley wallpaper.  It's sunny and bright, has a beautiful pattern which immediately puts one in the mood for Spring.  Cowparsley is available from John Lewis or any good wallpaper stockist.

(The views and opinions expressed on this blog post are solely my own and not an advertisement for Farrow and Ball).

Is it getting warmer where you are?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Like those wallpaper......lovely weekend darling.....spring is in the air.....x !!

  2. We had a gorgeous day here in Somerset on Wednesday, really felt like Spring was on its way. However today has been horrid, here's hoping for warmer weather soon. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. I love cow parsley so for me my eyes were instantly drawn to this. Sarah x


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