Hope you've all been having a great few weeks.  As some of you know I don’t have much of a garden but I do like a pretty flower or two.  My dilemma is whether to pick them or leave them in the pots.  If I had a garden full of tulips I’d be inclined to pick a bunch or two, but I've only a few and so I'm reluctant to pick them and leave the pots bare…so I guess I'm leaving them outside. 

Wish I had a garden full like these:

I've been looking at paint colours for the front door of the house project and thinking about front doors and what they say about us.  We tend to neglect the exterior and focus only on the interior, but as you approach a home, the front door is the first thing you see before you enter the house.  It’s a little glimpse in the lives of those who live behind the door
  A beautifully kept front door with a fresh coat of paint, clean handles and a neat entrance makes all the difference to the façade of a home.  On the other hand, a neglected front door is equally off putting.   

A grubby front door is one of the least attractive things about a home.  If you home inside is inspiring but your front door looks like it belongs to another home, then it’s time for your front door to get a face lift!  As far as I'm concerned, interior design starts at your front door.

So…step outside and turn around.  Take a good look at your front door.  What is it saying about you, about who lives there? 

  • Is your front door clean
  • Does it need a new paint job
  • Does the hardware need replacing
  • Have you brushed the cobwebs away lately
  • Does your front door mat need replacing
  • Are your windows and windowsills next to your front door clean

I regularly wipe down my front door, brush away cobwebs and windowsills just so it looks clean.   In Spring I love hanging up a basket full of flowers too, it makes such a difference and now that the weather’s changing, there’s no excuse.

Traditionally front door colours are usually Black, Red and Green and plain old white, but I wanted something a little different and I was prepared to go out on a limb if the client allowed me to…so initially I was drawn to the colour pink, but when I saw my client’s face I knew I was never going to get away with a pink door!

I then thought of the coming summer, clear blue skies (I'm always hopeful) and the fact that the house is fairly close to the seaside and focused on looking for the perfect blue for a front door.

Valspar have a great range of paint swatches so I came home from B&Q with a few samples of different blues. 

And this is the one we chose:

I chose Valspar Satin Finish Exterior paint for wood.  As well as giving it a new face, I’m adding some shiny new chrome door furnishings to finish it off.    I can’t wait to get started!  

What’s your door colour?  
Do share, I’d love to know!



  1. Hi Sharon !
    Tulips an first photo they look wonderful ! Pink doors look so lovely but classic English mint door certainly are eye catching . Your choice is also great !
    Hugs :)

    1. Lovely to hear from you...I agree soft mint is a beautiful colour! Thanks for popping by! Hugs

  2. That's a lovely colour for the door. We don't have a wooden front door so I can only look at other doors and admire them! We do have some coloured glass the gives us some colour instead! Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, I hope it looks as good in real life as the swatch...fingers crossed. We have such lovely countryside homes dotted around that it's just lovely looking at all the pretty doorways...Hugs x

  3. Love the pink doors !! from me Ria...x !

  4. Me too Ria, they are so gorgeous! Hugs x


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