Gold shelving

I still have a little wallpapering to do before I can show you the entire room so I'll share the Ikea hack that I did for the dining room project.

I had visions of  the classic James Bond movie, Gold Finger whilst doing this! I had been looking for the right piece of furniture to put into this just over 50cm wide space when I realised that the Ikea Vittsjo would be a nice snug fit, only I didn't like the black.

I knew gold would be a better option and tie in with the mirror and the chandelier, so we spray painted it with some Montana Gold spray paint which I ordered from Amazon.  I replaced the faux wood with mirror which I had cut to fit the shelving to ramp up the glam factor.  

I wasn't sure which gold spray paint to use, so I went online to see which was the most popular and then I chose Montana Gold which apparently graffiti artists use all the time.  I found Montana Gold paint to have a really good even spray without having to press down too hard.  We sprayed the whole shelf and still have a little left in the can.  I suggest doing this outside where the fresh air can absorb the fumes.  We gave it two coats, waiting about 10 minutes in between coats and then left it for about half an hour to make sure it was completely dry enough to bring inside. We didn't need to prep the metal beforehand as it was brand new.  It dries to a lovely silky finish, not quite matt and not really shiny either.  It’s not going to get a lot of touching in this room so it should last quite a long time.  I did think about gold leaf, but I didn't want to spend loads on this shelving.  I just wanted to up the elegance factor which I think it did.  I also spray painted the little plant pot holder you can see on the top shelf...I love how it’s turned out, especially the mirrors which reflect the pieces on the shelving!

Are you enjoying the weather?  We have been so lucky down south, lots of bicycle rides and picnics on the beach.

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Sharon, how are you?

    Sharon, I enjoyed so much my trip to England, the workshop, the country... I want to go back to and spend more time, maybe one day I go back with my husband, I wish...

    The shelf looks good (I see by the other posts that your house is looking beautiful), it looks chic and sophisticated, and I loooveee the wall paper (I assume it's a wall paper).

    I wish you my dear friend a blessed week.


    1. Hi REgina, so glad you enjoyed your photography holiday in England, your photos are already looking so professional! Not my house Regina, but I do love the wallpaper and the shelving! Sharon x

  2. That looks so good. i love the reflections on the shelves, can't wait to see the rest of the room! I have stopped using spray paint because even with lots of air the fumes make my throat feel so tight! Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, glad you like it, it's taking a rather long time to finish it all up. Chairs need to be ordered and you can't rush people! Sharon x


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