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These early mornings are definitely much cooler don’t you think, a little dewy and a little nippy.  Almost time to replant the tulips I took out and carefully wrapped in newspaper a few months ago...let’s hope they flower next Spring…

My garden is tiny, I call it my courtyard garden because compared to what I had previously, it’s like having a garden the size of a bathroom….it’s also low maintenance (which I love!)  I have faux grass (becoming more and more popular nowadays!)  and a long narrow strip of planting beds, enough to grow cut flowers and indulge my new love of gardening.  And I have a shed.  It was a sorry looking shed, which was brown and unloved and full of spiders and forgotten boxes we have yet to unpack even after seven years….so not a place I go into often.  But all because of a tin of really cheap metal and wood paint found on the bargain shelf at B&Q, I got the urge to paint it and vintage it all up!  So armed with one litre of bargain paint costing £10 in a colour that’s not quite sage green, not quite grey, and definitely not white, we set about painting this sorry looking shed one Sunday afternoon, because that’s what you do on Sunday when you think the sun has gone on holiday for the day and then when you’re in the throes of painting it comes out again, furiously hot and shining, making you all sweaty and unpleasant!  Anyway, the one litre tin of paint was just enough to cover two sides of the shed because the shed is in the corner of my garden and that’s all it needed.

We didn’t stop there.  We unpacked the tiny shed, which was pretty much packed to ceiling height inside, taking lots of unused and unloved things to the recycling tip…leaving us with an almost empty shed and the two tired and exhausted and not to mention dirty people!

A few days later I asked hubby to vacuum out the shed and suck up all the nasties lurking in the corners in thick cobwebs.  We bought another litre of paint this time in a soft pink and another in a vintage green colour, both off the bargain shelf at B&Q and already mixed….haven’t tackled the inside yet but I want it to look bright and cheerful.  This shed is so tiny, I can’t even stretch out both arms across the width, but nevertheless, I want this tiny space to look gorgeous with vintage finds and by adding pretty things.  I also want to create a little ‘potting corner’ for the budding gardener inside of me, spurred on by my lovely green fingered friend Irene! 

So what’s the first thing you do when you move into a house?  Yes, you’re right, you start making curtains.  So here in this tiny shed, with one tiny window looking out over my miniscule garden, I hung some hand made by me floral curtains which I strung up with garden string and tied onto nails.  (the curtains are odd – I deliberately wanted the curtains to look like odd bits of fabric sewn together) I also hung some five minute bunting, which is how long it took me to make it, propped a little bottle with faux flowers and a teeny weeny watering can on the inside window ledge and the window is now the shed window looks good from the outside too…and it’s amazing the difference it has made to the view from the house….

 I’m totally into this shed, might even move in!  So pretty, what do you think?  

( At the time I didn't even think of taking I don't have any before pics, but trust me, it's a huge improvement!)

Saturday I’m going to the Antiques on the Green….if you live nearby do pop in, it promises to be vintage heaven!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Wowwww that look great !!!! from me...x !

  2. Oh Sharon i LOVE it! but i guess you knew i would hehe....i adore that you have little tiny bits on the window ledge too! isn't bunting so cheery looking? makes you happy to just see it....Lovely curtain fabric and such a lovely idea with all the pots too,enjoy your new corner xxx

    1. Hello dear K...yes it's really 'shingle cottage' looking isn't glad you like it...I'm quite loving it too! thanks for stopping by to chat! x

  3. I think you have a lovely garden Sharon! Hope you found some beautiful antiques.

    Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x

    1. Oh thank you dear Madelief, we had a lovely day out and I bought some fabulous vintage fabric! Hugs xx


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