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I've had a busy few weeks, which is why I haven’t blogged for a while. My parents came for a visit from South Africa and Honeybee arrived home from the USA after 3 ½ months away along with bags and bags of dirty laundry – my washing machine is working overtime and I think about to spin itself out of the room!  And yes, she had an AMAZING time.  With no job as yet, she has time to think about what she wants to do for her future, and how being away has shaped her spiritually and emotionally…she's been asked to go back next year, so who knows what the future holds…it’s all one big adventure!  And to top it all off, we attended her graduation ceremony yesterday at Winchester feet just don't know how to cope in high heels anymore!

And talking of the dining room design, thank you for your lovely comments and welcome to new followers Jody and Stan!  

I had a lot of fun doing the entire dining room project.  Sourcing the right décor items for a particular space takes time and patience, and as I’ve mentioned before you can’t and shouldn’t source everything from the same place. It took me several months to find the right objects I was looking for.  And sometimes you don’t always find what you’re looking for, when you want it, which means you need to just step back and pause and when you do that sometimes you get an ‘Ah ha’ moment, an idea that’s so simple, so effective, it’s quite literally child’s play!

At the moment I am quite obsessed with spraying everything gold…ever since I glammed up this shelf and realised how simple it was and how something as easy as gold spray paint can change an off the shelf item into something unique.  So I started to think about other things to spray.   I wanted to inject a whimsical element in the dining room, something a little quirky and off centre, and I really love Abigail Ahern’s gold rabbit money box here but it wasn’t quite right for the tropical feel in the dining room, and so I started thinking about the dining room and palm trees, balmy weather and heat and finally stopped at South Africa, which is where I used to live.  The Big Five are what most people associate with Africa, along with thinking that we have lions roaming on the streets…but that’s a whole other story…anyhow I love elephants, they are such large graceful animals … and so I sourced an African elephant online (now you’re thinking how do I know it’s an African Elephant and not an Asian elephant yes?  It’s all in the ears darling, the ears…they are bigger on African elephants!)  He’s a mighty fine specimen if I may say so… and his role is to stand guard on the bar cart and look impressive, heavy and GOLD….

All you need is a little gold spray paint - I used RustOleums's Metallic gold Spray paint.  Give it two coats, leaving it to dry in between coats.
and this is how he looked before I got hold of him....I bought him on Amazon.

With my high heels back in the closet where they belong, I'm planning on doing absolutely nothing this weekend except walking around barefoot!

'Till next time!


  1. Lovely weekend Ria....x!

  2. Hello dear Sharon, how are you?

    First of all, before I forget, I want to thank you for the tip over the ants, I put some flour in the kitchen cabinets and voila, they disappeared :)

    I love how you experiment and try new things for your home, a gold elephant - who would think of it, what a great display.

    ps.: like you, I'm not sure I can cope with high heels anymore :)


    1. Hello dear Regina, I am so glad you popped by for a visit! Glad the flour worked for the ants, the only thing my kitchen cabinets were full of flour, but at least no ants! The elephant was for the dining room project, it sits on the bar cart, and he does look impressive doesn't he! Best wishes Sharon

  3. Glad Honeybee had such a good time in the USA and the graduation went well too even with your high heels coming out of the wardrobe! I have never been able to wear high heels! Your elephant looks fabulous in gold! It must have been wonderful to live in Africa you should tell us about it sometime. Sarah x

    1. Hi dear Sarah, so glad you like him, I love him too, and thinking about making one for myself! I lived overseas for years so perhaps one day I will blog about it. Take care and enjoy your new home! Sharon x

  4. Hi Sharon,ooh you have been a busy bee and heels too! happy for you that everything went well...did your mum and dad happen to travel to Pickering to ride a steam train by any chance? i love elephants and yours looks amazing in gold xxx

    1. Hi K, lovely to see you here! No unfortunately they didn't....they would have loved it though! Thanks for the kind comments, I'm kind of loving him and want one of my own! Take care Sharon x

  5. Sharon, saltos altos também não são mais para mim!rsrs...amei o elefante dourado, muito lindo!
    Bjos, amiga.


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