Devon countryside

Hello lovely people, apologies for not stopping by your blogs this last week, we've been away but I promise to catch up with you all soon.

I'm deviating a little from my usual interior post to share our recent trip to North Devon.  We experienced our very own ‘far from the madding crowd’ in the pretty rural countryside.

We stayed in a National Trust cottage in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and driving down the steep narrow path to the cottage with old oaks leaning over creating a canopy of beautiful green leaves with the dappled sunlight dancing on the flowers….it was almost magical, especially when we passed a pink and pretty thatched cottage on the way.

Hidden from view and tucked in amongst the trees, the cottage sits in the beautiful secluded woods of the Peppercombe valley.  The cottages were traditionally built out of Cob in the late 18th century, to house the officers of what was then called the Preventive Service – tasked with policing this wild stretch of coast to prevent smuggling!  Whilst being sympathetic to the original building and original features, it has been modernised in such a sensitive manner, we hardly noticed the modern amenities, but were ever grateful for them none the less!

We woke to birds chirping and the sound of a babbling brook at the bottom of the garden…idyllic...  It was the remoteness of the cottage that first lured me in, that and the fact that mobile phones were completely useless in this area, just what we wanted…

We lit a cosy fire each night, ate delicious cheese, sipped Blackberry wine, read books and just listened to nature talking.  It was a wonderful getaway.  Most days we pulled on the hiking boots, flask in rucksack (all provided by the cottage!) and took ourselves off to various walking routes along the coast.   We’d come back exhausted, with burning calves and a healthy red glow about the cheeks!

The cottage is decorated sparsely but in keeping with a traditional 18th century cottage, but with hidden comforts like heated towel rails in the bathroom, fluffy white bath sheets and a very cosy and comfortable bed. 

The valley was teaming with birds and wild flowers in abundance.  I've never seen so many foxgloves out in the countryside...

It’s made me want to pack up sticks and move out to the lovely English Countryside, grow my own vegetables and keep a few chickens, take up knitting and jam making, all at once!


Now back to the noise of the modern world....

Hope you enjoy the week!



  1. ╬ťagnificent English countryside! What a delight through your beautiful photos Sharon, a real pleasure to look at. Hope you have unwound and feel refreshed!
    Warm regards

    1. I feel totally refreshed and so at peace, it was a wonderful place to just relax and unwind. x

  2. Happy to hear you had a lovely time Sharon! My late husband and I visited North Devon some years ago and loved it very much. You captured it beautifully!

    Madelief x

    1. I actually thought of you because I know you love the English countryside so glad you got to enjoy it with your late husband and have happy memories of that time. x

  3. Such a scenic and beautiful area, would be very hard to come back to the noise of the modern world!

  4. Linda it was so special and so tranquil I could have stayed there for weeks..x

  5. Wow! What lovely photos of both the interior and exterior of this dreamland. I think it takes such a genius and a care for detail to maintain that charm of the old and yet add modern amenities that we are so lucky to have. Hugs, Carolina

    1. Thank you, it's a very special place and somehow they've managed to capture the tranquillity of an 18th century cottage combined with modern day amenities with great cohesion but as far as the outside goes, nature just seems to take care of itself, they prune back but they also allow the wild flowers to flourish.

  6. Replies
    1. It was very beautiful, and certainly an English kind of Paradise! x


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