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This post has been a long time coming. So much so that I've had to rewrite it, due in part to coming down with a very bad case of bronchitis and feeling totally floored and unable to do anything at all. The phrase ‘man down’ really sums up how I've been feeling this last week.

I'm trying to blog more regularly, at least three posts a month but sometimes I just don’t make it.  I haven’t cycled as much as I would have liked because our summer was quite frankly, a bit of a wash out, which means I need to get out and do a lot more walking in order to keep fit and healthy. Anyone else feel like that?  But I am looking forward to my favourite season, autumn.  I do love a lie in on a Saturday morning especially in autumn, snuggling under warm feather filled duvets and fur throws, reading a good book, toast in one hand, and tea in the other.  Which is why having loveliness in the bedroom is just an absolute must. We spend so much time there and the reason why I keep on blogging about the benefits of bedroom loveliness and also why I love prettying up bedroom spaces like this one here

  and this one here

So to give you a little back history; my previous bed was an antique oak bed, it had hand carved flowers in the middle of the head above slatted oak panels.  The foot end was the same. I absolutely fell in love with it when we shopped for our first double bed when we got married, despite the fact that it had an original spring base which squeaked at the slightest turn (we changed that soon enough!) It had a rather old world Dutch feel to it. It suited the original 100 year bare wooden flooring and the simple white damask bedspread. Pared back and simple.  (Wish I had photos but nobody was taking snaps of their interiors way back then!) I LOVED IT SO MUCH that when we moved here even though it didn't fit my new king-size divan, I couldn't part with it, in fact I still have it in storage!  But I'm finally over the love affair with my old bed and ready move on to something a bit more modern.

It’s taken me months to decide, remember this post  Actually if I’m completely honest I’d confess and say I want a few headboards, in different colour ways and different fabric. Because I tend to change my mind. A lot.  I touched, sniffed, picked, pulled and rubbed plenty of samples that came through my post box. I fell in love with the organic quirkiness of the Squiggle headboard from which is so deep and squishy and appealed to my more bohemian spirit and love of vintage linen and soft velvets.  Their colours are exquisite. I really loved how deep the actual headboard was, but somehow I couldn't quite make a commitment.  The more I searched the more confused I became. Then I hopped on over to and fell for the more glamorous look of the fully tufted chesterfield.  I trawled through all their colours, but couldn't find the colour in the fabric I was looking for.  It was just all too much. In a moment of girly frivolity, I decided I would buy my own fabric in a heavenly pink  reminiscent of the David Austin Scepter’d Isle Rose in a plush velvet…because I do love a touch of pink…but husband who wears pink Polo shirts, said no… Eventually I peeled off the 10 or so samples from the wallpaper above the bed stuck on with Washi tape in little rows and put them all away.  It made no difference. I was still undecided. It seemed the more choices I had the less decisive I became. What I really wanted was one of each in my favourite fabrics and colour ways…but hubby was having none of it!

My choice of colour and pattern was limited to my very busy but beautiful-to-me wallpaper from Laura Ashley, which I had already decided I wasn't changing because I still love it even after five years!

But here she is…smooth, soft, elegant, feminine, young and sexy. She goes with anything. With any colour. And she appeals to my love white, especially in the bedroom. 

Oh, and in the end I chose White Naples from which I'm a little bit in love with.

This is not a sponsored post, but any gifts of lovely tufted deliciously tactile headboards would be most welcome. Because I like variety. A Lot.

Hope you enjoy the weekend, the sun is out, but I am still not feeling well, so indoors it is for me with a pile of interior books to keep me company!

And thank you all for your lovely comments on previous posts.



  1. Your new bedroom looks absolutely beautiful Sharon. Light, airy, modern but romantic as well. Well done to you!

    Hope you will feel better soon!

    Take care,

    Madelief x

    1. Thank you Madelief, I do love the lightness of the room now with the new headboard. It's taken me rather a long time to get better but I am recovered now and looking forward to a healthy a few months ahead! Sharon x

  2. I love the colours and feel of your bedroom. That headboard does look some comfortable too! it was good to revisit your other bedroom make overs too. I too do enjoy lying in at the weekend reading a book and enjoying the first hot drink of the day! Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah, I took quite a long time to make a decision on the headboard, but I am glad I chose the white, it lightens the entire room and feels very light and dreamy! A Saturday lie in is just the best isn't it! Sharon x

  3. Absolutely wonderful Sharon! Inviting, relaxing, elegant and warm. You made a professional work which is certainley worthwhile. Everything fits perfectly in it! I'm in love with your colourful wall paper though...
    Thanks for visiting me, I'm so happy everytime I find a comment from you.
    Hope you are doing fine

    1. Olympia, thank you for your kind words! The wallpaper is Laura Ashley's Summer Palace in the pink colourway and I absolutely love it! Thank you for always visiting my blog! Sharon x

  4. Isn't it funny? Having moved here five years ago with a much too large bed for this cottage we decided in late summer to replace it. I would have loved a fabric headboard but the husband does not like them. So, we have just bought an old carved oak bedstead! Your bed looks lovely and so does that wallpaper. Enjoy!


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