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Apologies for the silence. I kind of lost of mojo when I was ill with flu and it has really taken me around six weeks to feel like my old self again. I visited all your lovely blogs but didn’t have the energy to write anything myself. Needless to say my mini dining room makeover has not yet started.

Today I’m talking bathrooms. I was chatting to a lovely young lady who is desperate to change her bathroom but doesn’t have thousands to spend on a complete redo. So this post is about the little things you can do to make your ugly bathroom look pretty again without breaking the bank.

Paint - Lighten and brighten it up with white paint will instantly give the illusion it’s bigger than it is or go cosy and dark by painting the walls and the ceiling in the same colour.

Wallpaper – I love using wallpaper. Be daring and wallpaper the entire room.

Storage baskets:  I have a funny little story to tell. When we lived in South Africa we built an extension with a brand new bathroom, complete with corner bath, twin basins, built in linen cupboards and toilet. I loved it. But I didn't want to install a toilet roll holder. Somehow it seemed too boring and way too normal for me! Instead I used a small woven basket which could hold around four to five rolls. My father in-law thought we had just forgotten to buy a roll holder and bought us one, but of course it never went up because I didn’t actually want one!  So where am I going with this…well who says you need to have a toilet roll holder anyway, use a lovely basket with a lid for storing your loo rolls. I love how woven baskets can create a much more relaxed atmosphere especially in a rather sanitary space like a bathroom. They are also great for storing your towels and it makes your space look really pretty. No space for a basket? Put up a few towel rails behind your bathroom door.

Wall storage: if you have a free wall and you’re lacking somewhere to put your toiletries install a small cupboard with doors so you can hide all the mundane items. Floating shelves/wire baskets are also ideal for storing small light items.

Window treatments:  Instead of venetian or vertical blinds install some Purlfrost on the windows, it still lets in a ton of light, but gives you all the privacy you need in a bathroom.

Add a little quirky -  I mean macramé – they’re calling it woven plant hangers but way back in the 70s, these macramé plant holders were a la mode, I couldn't quite believe it when they came back on the interior scene. My mother used to make her own macramé wall hangings and plant holders and we had these things all over the house. Screw in a couple of hooks in your bathroom ceiling, hang the macramé and plop in a few plants, or just add an orchid to your window sill.  As long as your bathroom has some light coming in, the moist air will keep your plants looking healthy and lush.

Ugly piping: disguise ugly pipes with a few plants.

Art – add a few pieces of art, make sure they are moisture proof or they might get ruined.

Mirrors – they add depth in a really small bathroom, reflect light and make a space look really pretty.

Hang a really beautiful light.

Flooring: if your budget can stretch that far, change out the flooring.

Splurge on some new fluffy towels and chunky textured bath mat, scented candles, indulge in some me time and enjoy your new bathroom!




2. basket case It’s too easy to let harder elements, such as the sink, vanity and tiles, dominate the bathroom....:



Erin Williamson:

I hope to have an update on the dining room remodel soon. Paint has been purchased and light fitting delivered!



  1. Hi Sharon, Glad to see you are feeling better. It must have been so frustrating to feel ill for so long. I love those basket ideas. Sarah x

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