Singing the blues

Hope you all had a good Easter, Passover or just enjoyed a few days off work. As a family we like to celebrate this special time with a meal together. Deciding on table décor is my most favourite thing about having a meal at home. I am always playing with different ideas to elevate a simple meal into something a little special with a great looking table.

A trip to Ikea with hubby to buy shelving meant I got to browse fabrics and cushions whilst he measured and ordered his shelving. It’s a dangerous thing to take a woman to Ikea just before Easter. I had already decided what my Easter table décor would be but when I spotted a bright blue and white cotton tablecloth I knew I had to have it! A few isles down I picked up some gorgeous blue and white patterned napkins of the same design (pity they were not fabric, but still I couldn't resist!). Three plants with dainty white flowers and three simple ceramic plant pots sealed the deal for me. Simple and yet very effective. More casual than I am usually known for, but I liked how cheerful and bright it all looked.  The bright almost Mediterranean blue of the fabric teamed with a white dinner service made the white seem whiter and the blues even brighter. I played with pattern on pattern by bringing in my Blue Willow side plates, and lightened it all with gold cutlery and gold stemmed wine glasses. A scattering of Easter eggs on the table made it feel even more casual, which worked a treat with everyone just helping themselves to whatever eggs they felt like after lunch!

After last night's storm I hope we can look forward to a week of less wind!
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  1. Your table decor is always such a treat to see. I love the way you have bought the blue and white patterns together. The gold cutlery and white flowers and Easter eggs are wonderful additions providing the contrast. Southsea looked very battered by Storm Katie today on facebook. Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah, love blue and white it's so traditional and yet so refreshing at the same time. It was very battered, lots of pebbles washed up on the promenade, thank goodness that's all over now. Hoping for warmer weather now...Have a great weekend. Sharon x

  2. Heer we have had also stormy weather today....happy spring Sharon Ria x


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