Decorating with plants

Hello again lovely people, I don't seem to be able to do more than one post a month lately and you might have noticed I've lost my list of followers on my sidebar. I was fiddling with my layout and oops, something went wrong and I lost them all, only to be replaced with my google followers, and I'm not sure how to get them back again.

I'm really challenged when it comes to growing plants, especially those of the indoor kind. I should mention that even my small courtyard like garden is laid with faux grass and I've just managed to revive my maiden hairs ferns I bought at B&Q last year. Somehow they all but died off, not moist enough and not enough sunlight, so I moved them to a south facing windowsill and started spraying them with a light mist every day for weeks on end. Suddenly these little brown dried out twigs started sprouting green curly fern like stems. They now look almost the same as when I bought them. My other foray into plants is my luscious fiddle leaf fig tree I waxed lyrical about here.  He dropped a few leaves in winter, but he’s good.

I've now added a few plants to my dining room which doesn't get any direct sunlight. It’s north facing, not too dark but not bright either even though I've painted it the most delicious of pinks and so far they are fine (read still alive). I've mixed them with a few faux plants which unless you’re up close and get touchy feely with my greenery, you wouldn't know the difference and I love the contrast against the walls.

Here’s a few plant loving interiors I'm liking at the moment:

Carlos & Laura's Stunning Spanish Home — House Tour:

charming bohemian green:
fig tree in living room, modernist living room, velvet sofa:

Eye For Design: Tropical British Colonial Interiors   love the console and plants- hate everything else.:


Plants and pictures on a low bookcase ...:

California bungalow:

Red and white wallpaper with big bunch of pink tulips and a gold mirror in the bathroom:

Melbourne home of Alex Kennedy:

Obsessed with the dark walls in this bedroom.:

david netto design.:

Anthropologie Nomad Duvet #AnthroFave:

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  1. Hi Sharon!How beautiful seem those interiors with a touch of green! I would really love to keep some houseplants inside because it's like bringing nature into but I have never managed it. The constant problem is what to do with them while away on vacation or just away from home.Secondly, we unfortunately have not sufficient light in the house and growing plants in shade isn't my thing. I saw the fig tree in your room.Fantastic! Good luck, you have certainly a better feeling with plants than me.

  2. That's a real problem, especially if you go away a lot! I bought plants that grow in slightly shadier parts of the home, as I also don't have a lot of direct sunlight in this room. Sharon x

  3. Hi Sharon! I came across your blog and really love it, especially this post. I'm in love with plants and have it all around the house, so it's lovely to see new ideas to make them look even prettier!


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