An Abundance of flowers

Hello lovely blog friends. The first official day of summer greeted us Monday morning with a downpour of good old English rain! Fortunately the sun made an appearance late afternoon. 

Even though I'm not much of a gardener, I really love visiting beautiful gardens and nurseries. I have wanted to visited Petersham Nurseries ever since I saw a photo of their lifestyle shop and since it was my birthday I thought it would be a good place for hubby to take me to lunch (sometimes one has to subtly steer in the right direction) and a browse around.

The weather was perfect for a day out, the only day last week it didn't rain! We drank Assam and ate delicious coconut cake in the glass tea room, a beautiful fern filled tropical oasis in the middle of London – who would have guessed? I dreamily re-imagined all the rooms in my house to look like those in the shop with vintage French chandeliers dangling amongst fragrant twisting greenery and lovingly aged painted chairs and forget carpets, I’ll just go with the mud floors, that’ll do me.

The nursery itself isn't large by nursery standards but it is exquisite in every other way. 

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Cafe which I had heard about in various reviews. I sipped my homemade lemonade seated next to a fragrant star jasmine whilst the bougainvillea offered up a brilliantly bright display of shocking pink and purples. It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere although the starched white monogrammed napkins give a hint that they take the service and the food very seriously. My dessert was served with pink rose petals and a single pink candle, what's not to like!

I bought a beautiful David Austin Rose, called Gentle Hermione and a few other plants, and some lovely pots and I could have shopped wandered all day, but instead we took a walk along the river before driving home.

So enjoy my little excursion and if you have the opportunity, do visit.


Have a great week!


  1. Belated happy birthday wishes, that sounds a wonderful way to celebrate! I too have often heard of Petersham Nurseries and would love to visit it too. Your images are delightful and your pudding looks so lovely! The plants you have bought will remind you of the lovely day out. Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah, try and visit if you're ever up that way. You'll love it.

  2. Happy belated birthday to you Sharon! What a lovely place to celebrate! Did you have lunch in the café as well? You took some beautiful photo's. They make me want to go there too :-)

    Have a good weekend ahead!

    Madelief x

    1. Thanks Madelief. Yes we had a delicious lunch at The Cafe. Can't wait to go back. If you're ever in that area do try and visit you would enjoy the lifestyle shop and the nursery.


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