Tea parties and flowers

My blog has taken a back seat whilst I enjoy the summer and entertain my parents.  Every two years they visit their homeland to reconnect with family and friends. I have hosted a few afternoon tea parties, rustled up numerous cakes and pastries, reconnected with family last seen many years ago, enjoyed several picnics on the beach and drank enough cups of tea to sink the Titanic all over again!

Summer wasn’t such a wash out after all. We had lots of lovely warm sunny days, I even had a few intrepid swims in our Solent sea and surprisingly the water was quite warm.

My tiny garden has offered up the most delightful fragrance and supplied me with endless bottles and vases of sweetpeas, roses, cosmos and cornflowers but these last few days have seen the weather change especially early mornings and evenings. I am now more than ready to embrace my favourite season, Autumn, but for now, pretty flowers and tea tables.

Thank you Sarah from Down by the Sea for shedding some light on that lovely purple flower in my garden...the beautiful thalictrum delavayi.

Have a lovely week!


  1. Your table is just beautiful Sharon! Love the flowers from your garden x

  2. Lovely flowers, sharon! So nice you are spending the time with family and enjoying the summer! We always try to do that here, too...time is always flying by so quickly, it's nice to just enjoy life!

  3. I'm glad my identification was correct. Your tea parties look delightful and remind me of my childhood. It must have been wonderful for your parents to catch up with everyone again. Sarah x

  4. Lovely table and lovely flowers...beautiful!
    Warm hug from Titti

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Sharon! I love all of the flowers and especially the sweetpea. Your collection of silver is beautiful.... We are well into our summer now! xx


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