Going Green

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a lovely weekend.  The weather was perfect and the beachfront was full of people either walking, cycling and jogging
and on Sunday the Race For Life took place along Southsea Beachfront it's the biggest Cancer fund raising event with over 240 races being held across the UK.

Green is the colour of grass, broccoli, grasshoppers, leaves, frogs, jealousy and Shrek!
but Green hasn't always been a popular colour to use in interiors, but it can work if the correct shade of green is used.  A few green spaces that have got it right.

And of course we all need a bunch of blooms to brighten up our day!

Happy week!


  1. Green is lovely, so fresh feeling. But it is a difficult colour to use. I have steered away from it, just to make my life easier. But, my daughter has not, she uses it beautifully. She and her hubby have just purchased a home and the master bedroom is a green that she loves, so hopefully I will see photos of it soon.
    Have a great sunny weekend!
    Hugs, Cindy


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