It's a true English Autumn day with the wind blowing and the clouds quickly drifting across a grey sky.  No wonder we get so excited to see orange in Autumn!  A colour to brighten up any Autumn day.  Orange and red conjure up warmth and that's exactly what we need in interiors, to give our lives a bit of umph on a dull grey day when the sky is heavy with rain...


(these two images above from Lonnymag)

(all other images courtesy of Pinterest)

I love seeing the colours of nature reflected in the interiors!

Have a great week!


  1. Olá, Sharon! Para mim, a cor laranja significa alegria e vivacidade, adoro!
    Por aqui, nossa primavera também está mais colorida com o laranja, na decoração, em acessórios e looks da nova estação.
    Amiga, bjos e ótima semana.


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