Grey nights

It's been raining since Monday, soft drizzle turning to hard nails-in-your-face rain.  The sky is dark and there is no sign of the sun.  It looks like nature is feeling rather sorry for itself.  But as most of you know, I LOVE rain.  I don't like it to go on for weeks at a time, but a little rain changes the landscape, creates a different kind of atmosphere and I suppose this is what I enjoy ...

A bedroom, soft and cosy, all decked out in grey....moody and yet calming at the same time...

Fun geometric wallpaper

A comfy sleigh bed

A great armoire

A soft pile rug underfoot

Comfy seating


A quirky lamp, just to mix it up a bit!
I've been coveting this particular lamp for months now...hoping a certain someone will catch a hint...

A cosy throw


Now I just need a cup of tea and my book...

Have a great weekend!


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