Gatsby Fever!

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The new Gatsby film is out with mixed reviews it seems and while it remains to be seen whether this new film will outshine previous versions, whichever way you look at it, Gatsby fever seems to have taken over.  There's an opulence and decadence to Baz Luhrmann's Gatsby that is both enthralling and disturbing.  The 1920s fashions are absolutely gorgeous and the decor dripping with great art deco pieces.  Personally I can't wait to see the movie, just so I can catch a glimpse of the interiors!

Art Deco originated in France during the 1920s, and it was Le Corbusier who penned the term in a 1925 exhibition... it then became very popular  internationally, the USA really embraced the art deco style which is evident in so many of their buildings.  Due to world war II austerity measures, its popularity declined.  Art deco design is characterised by bold geometric shapes, rich colour and extravagant ornamentation all of which the film has in bucket loads!

google image

Jay Gatsby's glamourous ballroom

The Buchanan's sitting room - a mixture of European Art Deco and Regency pieces

Gatsby's stunning Art Deco bedroom
architectural digest


21st century's interpretation of flapper chic

google image

Do you like Art Deco design, could you live in a home decorated in this style and are you going to see the film?

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  1. Oi, Sharon! Também estou muito curiosa para assistir o filme, os cenários devem ser deslumbrantes...já a moda dessa época, apesar de glamorosa, não me entusiasma muito.
    Amiga querida, beijo e ótimo final de semana.

    1. Thank you Silvia, I agree with you. Have a lovely week! Sharon

  2. Lovely !! enjoy a happy sunday darling !!!

  3. Sharon I too have been taken over by Gatsby fever! I can't wait to see the film and I love the roaring 20's!
    best wishes

  4. Stunning would sum up the Art Deco style very well. I probably won't see the movie and no, I don't think I could live with a room full of Art Deco, but perhaps a few pieces fit in artfully would be nice. It is a little too
    Have a great week!


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