It's a busy time of year and I haven't been blogging or reading other blogs as frequently as I'd like to.  But I've also been busy crafting and creating, and I love nothing better than making my own gifts at this time of year.

Way back in summer I was digging out some lino cuts I did years ago and thought I'd like to try it again, so off to the art shop I went and bought a piece of really soft lino, some tools, a roller and ink.  It took me another couple of weeks to take it out and actually get creative and then when I did, I found myself totally void of inspiration.  I knew I wanted to use letters and had more a less an image in my mind.  I wanted it to be a statement, because the word LOVE encompasses so many things. It's very basic, but I had such a sense of accomplishment after I'd finished them!  These cards are signed and can serve as little artworks if they are framed. I love how they are slightly imperfect and look totally hand printed, which of course they are! These are all going to my friends with a handmade clay Christmas decoration to hang on the tree!

I've also been baking non stop for a few days now and I am slightly sick at the sight of butter and sugar! But more about that later...

Are you finished baking, making and creating?



  1. Your Love cards are beautiful, your friends will feel blessed indeed to receive one of those. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. lindos seus cartões, seus amigos vão adorar! Aproveito para desejar a você e sua família um lindo Natal!
    beijo querida,
    Denise -

  3. Your litho's look lovely Sharon! Such a good idea!

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! Have a good time.

    Madelief x

  4. Your cards are lovely. I have been baking all day I have given up counting the number times I have washed up!
    Sarah x

  5. Your cards look lovely and here in Holland we have started too.. Good luck with all th things you want to do
    Erna x

  6. Lindo projeto, Sharon...todo o ano faço os meus e me sinto muito feliz criando algo bem personalizado.
    Querida amiga, desejo que tenhas um Feliz Natal repleto de paz e harmonia e que 2014 te traga somente coisas boas, muitas alegrias junto a teus famíliares e ao teu trabalho.
    Bjos com carinho


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