How tastes change

Hope you're having a good weekend.   We took a lovely long walk along the beach front.  Did I say it was  a long walk? I've got blisters because I walked in boots instead of my Nike's and I don't really do trainers unless I'm doing exercise.  It was cold.  My cheeks felt like sheets of ice, but oh was it good to get out in the sunshine!

When I was in my late teens I was introduced to antiques by my then boyfriend’s mother Mrs C. They had lived in Singapore for many years and her house was a veritable haven of eastern antiquities. She often attended auctions and would come back with lovely items, mostly small but I was fascinated with what she turned up with.   As a shy 18 year old, when she noticed my interest in her furniture pieces, she would try and engage me in conversation and I soon caught the antiques bug.  She started buying me small pieces for my birthday and Christmases and I still have these beautiful items she bought me  and I use them all the time.   I will forever be grateful for her interest and  for taking time to share her passion with me. I started collecting the odd piece, mostly silver spoons and cutlery, and the later crockery, and then when I started earning money, larger pieces of furniture.  Back in the early 80s I was absolutely and completely in love with antiques or any piece of furniture that looked like it had lived a hundred years before me, not for me the bright colours and disco balls of the time!  

Victorian Armoire - Worthy of one's finest personal accoutrements, this exquisitely crafted cabinet is inspired by the massive freestanding closets that our grandparents knew. 81x24x81".

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT   An Oak Reclining Armchair, designed for the William E. Martin House, Oak Park, Illinois, circa 1902
Throughout the years, my love affair with antiques hasn’t waned, I’d mix antique pieces with Turkish rugs and more modern pieces and although my taste changed ever so slightly, sometimes taking a few steps sideways, I never really deviated from my first love. I’ve being doing the eclectic look for more than 20 years now.  An odd collection of different eras which all seem to work rather well together.  When I talk antiques, I am not talking pieces worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, more in the three and four digit category.  Moving on 20 years or so and 3 grown up children later I found some of the heavy darker pieces too cumbersome too old worldly, so I sold a few pieces.  Once we moved to England, I couldn't fit some pieces into my home here, they were too big and bulky and I couldn't get them up the narrow stairs.  So they were eBayed much to my children’s disapproval.   I felt I wanted to go lighter, brighter and more French Provençal. (Being in a dark drizzly country does that to one).   Lighter in weight and in colour, more suitable for small rooms and narrow staircases.  I went all shabby for about five minutes and I started buying painted pieces that had been slightly distressed, whether naturally aged or intentional.  Fortunately I didn't buy too much in this French phase, it was more like a school girl crush on an older good looking French boy  who I soon found didn't have much of a personality, so I lost interest. 

Going for table setting for Christmas 2014 up on the blog
(The Victorian hors d'oeuvre cutlery is part of a set of 8 which I received as a gift from Mrs C in the early 80s)

New-York : Prospect Park sur / Photos : Andrea Chu.

I'm still in love with good craftsmanship. It’s in the genes.  Love a piece of wood.  Have been known to caress a piece until I get the odd look from the store owner as I run my hands down the legs or over the table top.  And there are some décor trends  I will never like and some pieces and accessories that will stay with me until I die and I'm not particularly bothered whether they are trendy or not, they are mine and I love them.    But  lately I'm liking more mid-century pieces, pieces with simpler lines, and less fuss,  especially the sideboards and armchairs… might be something to do with my age….so what do you think?  Has your style changed over the years or do you still have the same pieces your bought 20 years ago…I’d love to know, please do share!

Sharing a lovely pic of flowers from last year.

Until next time!


  1. I loved reading about how your love of antiques started. My grandparents had many old pieces that I used to admire as a child which are sadly no longer within the family. When we first married we bought lots of pine as it was so fashionable then! Luckily we have been able to recycled it but giving it the distressed look. Sarah x

  2. Thanks Sarah, it's a pity our parents didn't keep pieces from their childhood, but it was a different era and all about progress and modernisation....nobody wanted brown pieces of furniture. x

  3. Very good narrative Sharon, I did enjoy reading it.

    The hors d'oeuvre cutlery is exquisite, and the flowers on your table so precious, nothing better to light up a room than flowers, don't you agree?

    I'm not a knowledgeable as you are about furniture, but my 'home decoration' style changes a lot. What a like this year, I might not like next year, so I try not to buy too expensive items, it's not worth it if down the road I'm going to replace them.

    Have a great week.

    ps.: is it true that in England the weather is grey most of the time? The week I was there it was such a blessed weather, just beautiful!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! Yes I do agree with you Regina, flowers really make a room smile whatever the weather! England is very grey when winter sets in and sometimes in Autumn as we are blessed, the sun is shining! x

  4. Oh wow, that bouquet looks beautiful Sharon! I enjoyed reading about your love for antiques. I agree with you: it's definitely in the genes :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

    1. Thank you Madelief, these flowers I bought from a local florist last summer, I love cottage flowers with lots of foliage....I'm guessing you love antiques and vintage as well. Have a lovely week too! x

  5. Dear Sharon,
    I'm a big fan of antiques and vintage as well.In the past, I didn't dare to touch or intervene on old pieces of furniture but now I'm brave I think, painting them pink or blue or...
    What a beautiful, country posy!

    1. Hi Olympia, I agree some pieces you can't paint because they are just too beautiful in their original form, but less expensive items are just waiting to get a coat of paint! Glad you like the flowers, I can't wait for spring! x

  6. I also love antiques and vintage...but a classic home or a very modern home can be so full of inspiration too! I like to mix old and new thing´s in my home.
    Have a great week Sharon...

    1. Hi Titti, I also can appreciate a very modern home, or a classically decorated home, but for myself I like mixing old and new together. x

  7. How are you my friend, just stopping by to wish a blessed weekend.



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