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It’s so grey outside and I am in desperate need of a little sunshine and Vitamin D.  I don’t like to say it too loud, but SAD (seasonal effective disorder) is real and some people get really depressed during winter.   My Honeybee is one of them.  Fortunately she is now in the land of much sunshine and brilliant blue skies with almost no grey…In the meantime I am cheering myself up with small bunches of hyacinths and tulips in really lovely colours.

Today I’m taking time out from showing you my usual interiors to showcase my brilliantly talented and ever so cool best friend, Jody Olen, and her art.  Jody is so super cool but she’s also real in the true sense of the word.  She's down to earth without any airs and graces and she has this incredible imagination that conjures up stories which she draws/paints either in pen and ink, or oils and pastels.  Now Jody is not an artist who paints pretty flowers and still lifes, she doesn't really do 'contemporary' which way back then I didn't really know what that meant in artistic terms, but she then went on to explain that she paints and draws things that are out of the ordinary and to some people might even appear a little crazy. Not all her work is totally off the wall though, and below I've showcased quite a few different mediums and styles.  Jody’s had a number of really successful exhibitions and is well known in the art world in South Africa and she’s currently busy illustrating a coffee table book and personally I can’t wait to get hold of it!  

So here’s a peak at some of Jody’s art, some of which is also showcased on my website here

If you are interested in any of Jody’s art or you would like her to commission a piece, email her on  and for more of her art, pop on over to her blog:  Jody Olen Artist

All above works are subject to copy right and belong to the artist Jody Olen and may not be reproduced in any shape or form.

I'm always talking about art and how introducing art in a home is a great way of personalising your space and making it look unique. Jody's oils are mostly large scale around 1x1 metre so perfect for a statement piece.  Hope you've enjoyed the exhibit!

Oh and I nearly forgot to say, she ships internationally too!

Take care


  1. Good morning dear friend.

    I do know about this Sharon, I'm starting feeling lack of energy and will. These gray days are way too much. I need to smell the roses again, and be outside feeling the sunshine on my face...

    This is indeed a very cool art, original & strong, and this is the first time I see some of her work.

    ps.: what is BFF?

    1. Hopefully we'll start getting sunshine soon and we'll all feel a lot better. Glad you like the art. x

  2. You have a very talented friend Sharon! Hope the sun will do your daughter good. We can use some of it in The Netherlands as well. There are too many grey days!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

    1. Thank you dear Madelief, the sunshine is already making her feel a lot better....we need some sun in England too! Sharon x

  3. Dear Sharon, you should not have changed your text, you see, English is not my first language so I'm always learning. So now I know what BFF means, and that's cool :))

    Thank you my friend.

  4. She has a very interesting style...I love the pieces you shared! It has been a very cloudy winter here, and many people experience SAD here, too. Thanks so much for stopping by, Sharon!

    1. Hi Linda, yes, her work is very different to mainstream art pieces. I love that about her work. Great weekend for you. Sharon x


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