Bedroom Renovation and Statement Lighting

I'm doing a merry little jig around the house because I've just taken delivery of two large boxes containing some beautiful table lamps that I ordered for Angelgirl’s bedroom.  As you might have read from previous posts, we’re doing a little makeover in her bedroom. 

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know we started with a house renovation project last year.  I remember when I first set eyes on this renovation project, I looked at the mess, thinking, urgh.... I'm having doubts, I just can’t see past the rubble and muck left by the last tenants…that’s how I felt when I first saw this property.  There was so much filth, grime, rubbish, old furniture, cat poo, mould growing everywhere….almost looked like a condemned building (okay I'm exaggerating but you get the idea) It took us a few weeks to clean it up, drive away the rubbish and then start on prettying it up.

Here are a few photos of the bedroom before the renovation, which gives you a good idea how awful it was. Actually this room was one of the cleanest in terms of rubble and dirt.  We painted the whole house using just two colours throughout, except the dining room reveal and then we laid down the carpet.  Medium grey, soft and squishy under your feet kind of carpet with a deep pile.

It started to feel like home for Angelgirl.  But she still wasn't finished.  Mademoiselle wanted wallpaper of the glamorous kind. We  had just enough wallpaper over to hang against the wardrobe wall side, the light bounces in from the opposite window and gives the wallpaper a lovely shimmery effect. Once the wallpaper was hung, we realised the iron bedstead, although nice enough, was a bit too vintage/boho looking for the wallpaper, so we bought a new fabric covered bed with a headboard.  We chose grey because it’s a great neutral colour and most colours go well with grey, you can mix it with pastels, pinks, blues and more greys…so perfect.

The bedroom looked really ‘nice’ before, but hanging this wallpaper and swapping out the bed changed the entire look to a more sophisticated one, but something was still missing – great lighting.  The Ikea lamps she had were basic, small and uninteresting but at the time that’s all she could afford.  They didn't say wow and they didn't complement the newly hung wallpaper – or the bed.  Enter the great statement table lamp and this is when I was doing the merry little jig – which makes me sound like some little Irish Leprechaun doing a jig around a toadstool…which I'm not...I promise...anyway

Sometimes all you need to do is change out the table lamps.  I'm not advocating that all table lamps should be enormous, some little nooks call for a tiny lamp propped on a pile of books, but this bedroom needed BIG and these are around 60cm high.  Large table lamps make a room look more opulent and expensive.  The bedroom has gone from pretty nice to boutique hotel bedroom.  It looks so inviting that I feel like moving in myself…

A few before photos. The door you see in the photo no 2 is actually a little closet with shelving.  We took the door off and remodelled the entire area adding two deep clothing rails and a billy bookcase, and then closed it all off with mirrored sliding doors.

 In between with the iron bedstead and Ikea lamps.

And as it looks now, completely finished (I should have ironed the bedding before I took pics!) 
With the new lamps from Joss and Main.

If your bedroom is aching for a makeover, and you would like me to redesign it for you

Have a great week!


  1. Wow Sharon that looks amazing what a transformation! It is so luxurious, I love the wall paper and I wouldn't have realised that those lights came from Ikea. Sarah x

  2. Thanks Sarah, glad you like it! The photos with the iron bedstead and the small white lamps with black bases come from Ikea, but the white bubble shaped ones come from Joss and Main.

  3. What an amazing transformation Sharon, it's really unbelievable. I love the color combination so much, it's so inspiring. You really know how to create a beautiful ambiance.

    1. Thanks Regina, that's really sweet of you. Glad you like it! x

  4. You have an artistic eye Sharon and an eye for colour as well. The new look of the bedroom was worthwhile! I'm also here to thank you for your sweet visits on my blog. I'm taking a little break. See you at the end of summer with new, refreshed ideas! Wishing you happy days ahead,

    1. Thanks Olympia, glad you like the colour scheme, it is very girly but daughter likes it very much! Will pop on over to your blog end of Summer for a catch up! x

  5. Sharon querida, passei para conferir tuas escolhas para o Natal 2015, sei que você, como eu, adora essa época do ano e sempre tem novidades lindas e inspiradoras ... parei neste quarto porque ainda não havia comentado como gosto dele, da composição de cores, texturas e papel de parede. Muito lindo!
    Bjos e ótima nova semana

    1. Hello dear Silvia, thank you for your kind comments, somehow I missed seeing your comment! Sharon x


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