After a relaxing lunch and a long beach walk, first on hard cement and then scrunching over rough pebbles, I was reminded of flooring and how important it is in a home.

So talking about interiors, it's all about flooring in this post.  Why flooring?  Well flooring can make or break an interior layout...the wrong flooring and it can look hideously ugly and the right floor, it can make it all come together....it's also one of the most expensive buys when you are renovating, or building a new home, so it has to be right, right??  Imagine 200 square metres of the wrong flooring?

Flooring has to suit the style of your interior and be suitable for purpose.  

So let's look at flooring, carpets, wooden floors, painted floors, tiles, sisal flooring etc

Reclaimed floorboards

Painted floorboards

Bespoke fitted carpet

beautiful parquet flooring

Sisal flooring

(image floor couture)

white painted floorboards
(images Pinterest)

Back to watching the last of the Olympics!
Enjoy your week!


  1. You're so right, it's important to match the flooring to your style, isn't it. I love the first and the last images that you showed. The reclaimed wood is so beautiful, as is the painted in a high gloss.
    Hugs, Cindy


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