Hi everyone, I've had the week off, and I've been enjoying my mum's visit with lots of days out shopping, tea and cake, and I'm in need of some exercise...

Unfortunately no cycling for me as my bicycle was recently stolen....(sob!!) here  
(good news follows though!)

I've been looking at mirrors recently as I'm in the process of giving an old bathroom a new look...and so I'm on the hunt for the perfect mirror!

I know I've already done a bathroom post, so forgive me for redoing one....what can I say, all these bathrooms have interesting visuals.  Whether it's paintings on the wall, mock croc wall covering (or perhaps the real thing!!)  The mirror might be the most expensive item you buy for the bathroom, but it will make a huge impact if you have chosen wisely...

This is a stunning effect, the colours superb  but a little too busy for my taste...however I do love the animal head on the wall, something quite different to hang on a bathroom wall.

(all images courtesy of Lonnymag)

Hope the sun shines in your part of the world this weekend!



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