Are they for real?

Hi everyone, did you have a good weekend?
What happened to our sunshine the weatherman promised us?

Flowers are an instant pick me up in my books, they lighten and brighten a room and bring a little bit of spring inside, even though it's dull grey and wet outside!

This week I went to Ikea for a walkabout.   I was on my own and had time to spend wandering around.   Now Ikea's faux flowers are not what you would call amazing faux...quite the opposite in fact but sometimes in among some really bad imitations, you come across something that looks like it was growing in a garden a few minutes before...I found some really good looking chrysanthemums which were just the right shade of red and orange and as I bunched them together I knew they would make a great little posy after I had cut them down to size.  There is nothing more beautiful than fresh scented flowers, but these looked too good to leave, so they came home with me and the best thing is they will last longer than a week!

Have a great week!


  1. Beautiful !!!...enjoy the week darling love

  2. Sharon, são realmente lindas, uma beleza de cor!
    Amiga, ótimo dipa para você!

  3. I took a trip to IKEA this week too. I didn't see those faux blooms, I wish I had, they would help to cheer up our little home. It has still been snowing off and on all week, we still have a foot of snow on the ground.
    Have a good weekend!


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