Dark versus light

I'm so happy the sun is finally shining and it's getting warmer, which means bicycle weather for me and beach rides yay!

For a while now I've been inspired by dark interiors, but I'm equally drawn to the vibrant colours in Jonathan Adler's interiors.  In the 1990s I painted a very large lounge in mediterranean blue, which was quite a dark blue grey, on the swatches it looked really good but on the walls the corners of the room disappeared and it made me feel really  depressed, and I felt the colour oppressive almost, so within weeks I painted it all out, a beautiful (at the time!) buttery yellow and instantly I felt uplifted and happy.  I realised then that the colours I live with affect me in a BIG way.  For years I didn't go near dark colours, because I knew it would make me feel down.  In 2011 I painted my hallway the equivalent of F&B railings, and I instantly loved it! (It might also be that most people do not live in hallways!)   So now I'm ready to take the plunge in another room...but that the moment, the tin of paint remains unopened...

I've been dreaming of interiors like these...

Does colour influence your mood, could you live in a dark home or do you prefer light and airy?

Hoping your week is a great one!


  1. OH MY that green velvet couch is divine! Sharon my dear! Thank you for coming to visit! How lovely to see you and I hope your part of the country is at least basked in the light of spring; ours is not! Snow is coming tonight! AHH!


  2. Dark room...o my o my....love from me happy week.....!!...xxx..

  3. We are taking the plunge - so to speak and having both our bathrooms done. I'm happy with the choices we have made and also the colour scheme I have in mind but in the main bathroom I am planning on having dark grey walls. I have test pot painted large areas in different parts of the room and blimey it's dark! I'm sort of thinking it will be ok as I have a lot of white sanitaryware and pale grey tiles to break it up but it's just so dark! I think we are going to do it! There, decision made! Thank you, you're great! x

    1. It's going to look great - I recently did a bathroom makeover and it's also a dark grey with white sanitary ware...good luck you'll love it! x

  4. Very special rooms!

    ♥ Franka

  5. I'm with Anita on this one - love that green velevt sofa! I'm a 'dark decor' type of person. I love the lightness of pale and interesting but it is just not me. That room you decorated in the blue/grey sounds divine! x

    1. So glad you like it...birds of a feather...the green sofa is divine...so me thinks I'll take the plunge! x


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