How was your weekend?
The sun came out which was beautiful!
It was hubby's birthday on Saturday so we  went out for breakfast with the family in a small village and then a walk in Bere Forest.  It's so wonderful to be with nature, we all love a good walk.  

Spring is definitely on hold, usually the forest is lush and green.

We came back refreshed, slightly hungry and ready for Nigella's Cappucino Pavlova, my first attempt, but we all loved it and preferred it to my usual pavlova I make (must be the expresso in it!), it's really chewy and tastes of coffee, I topped it with sweetened creme fraiche and cocoa powder.

Remember this chair?  Covers were original and hadn't been recovered in around 30 years?

New velvet cushions pads, bottom one is foam, the backrest is feathers.  

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Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday for your husband. Good food with good people, perfect combo. Love the chair. We have a danish chair like that which does need attention I must say. We are calling it a lived in look!

    1. Lived in is the best, but these old covers definitely needed replacing.

  2. You have given that beautiful old chair a new lease on life, it's gorgeous!
    Happy Birthday to your husband, spring is slow in arriving there too, eh? It's nice to see photos of your country, your Pavlova looks really delicious!

    1. Thanks Cindy, glad you liked it. I wanted something different...I'm in love with the deep red piping...take carex


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