I'm loving this time of year when the leaves fall and the chestnuts open, they are so beautiful and the colours are so vibrant!  I'm ready to get walking in the woods and scuffing my heels in those leaves!  

It seems like ages since I've posted about interiors, so here we are...

I've been thinking about making the most of our bedrooms and how to go about creating a cozy private place we really enjoy.  Most of us start off with a bed and a bedside table and a lamp if we're lucky. That’s sort of the basic.  But what we do with the rest of the room is up to us.  And that’s the fun part.

I've been in too many homes with blank white walls, just crying out to be covered in either wallpaper or a stunning paint colour.  This can really elevate a bland wall if you don't have the luxury of a headboard and another great way to add interest is a few framed pictures on the walls grouped above the bed that form a sort of visual headboard.

My daughter's bedroom in her pale walled rental needed visual interest, and not being able to afford a covered headboard or wanting to paint the walls, we added framed pictures instead. Just by adding a few pics it has totally changed the look of the room.  We still need to add the super large square pillows at the back of the blue pillows for added plumpness and the look of luxury, but already the pictures have created a stimulating gallery of art when you enter the room.  And the best part is, they didn't cost a fortune!

The gold PARIS print was bought from Etsy, the LOVE print is a vintage French magazine cover, the other two floral framed prints come from TK Maxx in the bargain dept and the larger of the floral paintings is an original painting on canvas also bought on Etsy, and finally the last little canvas painting was done by me.

So now we've created the wall of art, let's take a look at bedlinen - personally, I favour plain white crisp 100% cotton or linen but we all have our own ideas about what is beautiful.  In this instance, my daughter wanted a floral duvet she had seen online, but I wanted to show her how incorporate other floral cushions which she already had. The key to mixing pattern on pattern is colour and similar themed cushions.   The pink birdcage cushions, together with the fleur de lis cushion and the iconic Union Jack in all it's sequined glory, really do blend in well with each other.


 Next time we'll look at drapes, carpets and storage.
    Have a great week everyone!



  1. Lovely !!! the pillows !!! from me...x !

  2. I love the way you redecorated the wall..
    Erna x

  3. Ι'm keen on colors, I like the new look of the bedroom, the pictures on the wall, the pillows.
    Happy week!

  4. Pequenos detalhes fazem toda a diferença. Ficou ótimo, parabéns!

    Denise -

  5. you have make your home in a very good manner. you have a very good attitude towards house decorating.
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