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Hope you're all having a great week.
Thank you for your lovely comments about my daughter's bedroom post.  I've been sanding down and painting dressing tables this last week and I'm finally finished.  

A few weeks ago a friend brought me some of her plums from her tree...I'm not much of a plum fan, but I searched google for recipes and made this delicious plum cake!
photo by me

Talking about drapes/curtains and blinds, they are tricky to get right.  Do you choose the fabric for the curtains first and then plan the rest of the room or do you decorate the room and leave the drapes till last?  I must admit I always have a dilemma with curtaining and I end up leaving it till last (unless I've seen the finished picture in my mind's eye and know exactly what I want).  I often can't find what I am looking for in the stores, or even online fabric houses without spending an absolute fortune, so I often end up buying fabric on eBay, usually remnants of antique french fabric and make them up myself! 

So if you're not adventurous when it comes to buying fabric for curtains, then my advice is to stick to plain, something that will blend in and disappear in the background unless of course you want them to be noticed, in which case they need to be amazingly beautiful curtains!

Off the shelf blinds seem to be fairly basic without much embellishment, rather plain and sad looking, and I've heard people say you can stick your favourite fabric to the existing blind and viola you have a stunning blind!  What they often forget to say is you need to hem the piece of fabric first so that you don't have raw edges sticking out and it looks neat enough to stick onto the existing blind.  Personally I have never tried this.  Having blinds made up are often the best option if you're not handy with a sewing machine.  Blinds are less forgiving than curtains are, as they lay straight and any flaws are readily seen when the blind is pulled down.

When I was searching for photos of curtains and blinds, I was amazed at how many rooms didn't have any curtaining up and left the windows bare.

Very structured and formal in approach with drapes just touching the floor.

I like this approach best, there's enough stimulation in the room to create interest and the drapes are quietly hanging in the background.

Rattan blinds, picking up the natural elements in the flooring and the colour of the cushions

blinds and curtains which match the monochrome scheme
(all photos via pinterest)

I was going to tackle flooring as well, but I think I'll leave this for another post.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Dear Sharon,

    I wanted to thank you for your sweet words on my last two posts. They helped!

    Your daughters bedroom looks lovely! Such beautiful colours.She must be very happy with the result!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

    1. Thank you Madelief, you are constantly in my thoughts....your graciousness in this sad time is an example to us all. Sharon xx

  2. tha cake....happy week love Ria...x !

  3. I love the images you have chosen here. And it is mazing how good that rattan blind looks! I had wrongly consigned them to college and bedsit days. Just shows how we need to rethink items. x

    1. I agree Minerva, they've definitely come into their own, especially when you team them up with fabric curtains they can look really lovely.

  4. I also like for my window coverings to lie quietly in the background. Except for my kitchen curtains, I saw those in my minds eye and I made them up and they were exactly what my kitchen needed. I think that is the one place where wt's can be a little more eye catching, imho.
    Good post!

  5. Linda seleção de imagens, impecáveis!

    Denise -

  6. Design tends to be a lot of work. It's all about parts to a whole, and making all of these run well. Because it's not just about a fabric, it's making a fabric complimentary to a frame, and vice versa. This really needs the most careful consideration.

    Roxie @ Allure


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