Thursday musings

I caught the gardening bug during summer and I'm still picking the last of the wild flowers, especially cosmos and cornflowers.  Finally my sweetpeas came into flower but only one at a time and I've had huge success growing dill from seed and they look so pretty. 

I'm typing to the patter of raindrops which I love...  So on this beautiful wet Thursday morning, I give you flowers...  The teacup and side plate is one of a pair I found recently.  I love the peppermint green and the gold, so pretty and delicate.  I've put bottles filled with flowers all around the house, including the WC!

(all photos mine, please do not use without permission)

Here's to a lovely weekend ahead!


  1. Such a pretty bunch of flowers Sharon! Love your teacups too!

    Madelief x

  2. Sharon, You are so lucky to still being picking such a beautiful selection of flowers. Once you have caught the gardening bug it is difficult not to resist new plants and seeds!
    Sarah x

    1. I know it's quite amazing as I never used to want to garden at all, now I'm buying bulbs for spring and thinking of seeds to plant for does seem to burn a small hole in my pocket though! Have a super weekend Sarah! xx

  3. Your flowers are beautiful, you have arranged them very nicely. My annuals are still lovely, but the perennials are done. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you Cindy, I hope we have a dry weekend, but it does look like rain...I take a tip from you and bake some more bread! xx

  4. Sharon, amei suas flores, devem estar muito lindas enfeitando os ambientes da casa. Bjos e ótimo final de semana.


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