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My little courtyard garden is blooming lovely at the moment.  The tulips, anemones and daffodils are sunny and bright. The tulips I bought from Sarah Raven and I'm pleased they have started to flower. Today is raining so not an outdoor day at all.  Instead, a pile of interior magazines and books are propped up next to me with a cup of tea.

A few weeks ago, just after I finished the bedroom renovation here I started another much bigger one.   It’s a home renovation project.  It’s in a very bad way.  If you can imagine what a place would look like if squatters had moved in you get the picture!  We've cleared van loads of rubble away already but there is still more work to do.  It’s seriously derelict and in need of a lot of TLC.  After fixing the holes in the roof tiles (yep!) it’s in need of a complete paint redo, fixing mould and damp, refitting new carpets, new wooden flooring and the entire front of the house needs a facelift.  

The leaking roof has now been repaired and the painters are currently doctoring the damp and the mould. Paint colours have been chosen for the ground floor and upstairs and I am pouring over flooring samples and can’t decide between real wooden floors and laminate.  Price is always the deciding factor especially when the budget is tight.

In the UK we have a penchant for carpeting from hallway to bedrooms and I don’t think this is particularly wise given the weather we have here (see my post on floors here ).  It’s much more practical to lay wooden flooring or ceramic tiles in entrance halls to avoid having a continuous dirty carpet especially if your front door opens straight onto a hallway, which in this particular case it does. I'm favouring wooden floors for a tactile smoothness and underfoot warmth and because it's easy to keep clean.  Ceramic tiles are cold, even in summer.  As well as project managing,  I’m also doing a spot of decorating, so as soon as the renovation work has been completed, I can start on prettying the place up for the owner.  Did I say I’m excited?  I am…

Have a great week!


  1. Lovely colors !!..enjoy spring !! Ria...x !

  2. It looks like you have to do some additional renovations to fix that roof. Though it may seem expensive now, it would be best to do it soon and in one swoop, so that everything will be fixed and you'll be able to match up the materials for the project with what you had in mind. Anyway, how is it? I hope it progresses smoothly and that you’re able to choose what flooring tiles fits best for your hallway.

    Sharon Scoffins @ Flooring Your Way


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