Fabulous Faux

What a glorious morning!
I have the luxury of a day to myself with my middle child, Honeybee.
 I think it might just be the day to have our first Spring cycle to the beachfront.

I love going to a florist and carefully picking out individual flowers to take home, it's a real treat, but a lot of flowers nowadays don’t have any fragrance. I love seeing them dotted around the house in tiny votives, or propped in jugs or tiny bottles, but they are kind of expensive to keep buying weekly and if you don’t have a huge garden big enough to grow your own cutting flowers, then faux is the next best thing. 

One word of warning, there are a lot of really bad faux  flowers out there….really bad…I’ve shopped around and the absolute best,  The Chanel of Faux Flowers, just has to be Abigail Ahern's Floral Collection  They are simply superb.  They are petal and stamen above anything else you will find anywhere, so although they are expensive….they will last forever if you look after them.  They also look so glorious, so touchable, that people will think they are real.  They add softness to an interior space, a place for nature to reside, without having to water them or pick out all the dead blooms.

When I buy flowers, I usually cut them down anyway, and prop them into tiny bottles or pretty vases, they tend to look better that way than just plonked in a vase the way they were wrapped up at the florist or supermarket.

Now I'm not saying faux flowers should replace real ones, absolutely not.  There’s nothing quite like the scent and prettiness of home grown sweet peas in a little vase or the heady scent of roses.  I'm saying faux blooms can complement a space and can  be used together with real flowers if artfully arranged.    Adding flowers to a space can totally change the atmosphere in a room, so they should be seen as a crucial element in interior design, almost like how a piece of artwork is placed strategically to enhance both the space and to highlight its own beauty. 

 So how do you feel about faux flowers, would you dare to have faux flowers in your home or are you appalled by the idea?

Can you guess which of mine are faux?
Have a great weekend!

(This post is in no way sponsored by Abigail Ahern and the opinions expressed in this post are my own)


  1. All look faux...what awesome colors!!!!

  2. I think all are faux.....i only like real flowers...i love to work with them every day...flowers is my life......hahahahaa...love them....happy weekend....love Ria...x !

  3. I absolutely love love love your vases. They are gorgeous! --Carolina E.

  4. What a lovely blog you have and so beautiful pictures! So nice!
    Have a great weekend,


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