Book Review - Decorate Workshop!

How has your week been so far?
Needing a little boost of inspiration perhaps...

I love books and so I was delighted to receive three books under the Christmas tree!

 I already have the interior book DECORATE,  which was so inspirational and full of beautiful photographs, so when Holly Becker decided to write another book I quickly put this on my Amazon wishlist and pressed send! 

And although I have lots of interior decor books, one can never have enough inspiration! 

Decorate Workshop here  
is very much a 'how to' book and I feel is aimed at a first time decorator someone who doesn't have interior decorating background and might be a little scared to tackle a project without some help.  

Sound like you or someone you know?

 It's a step by step instruction book, and written as a workbook, with pages in each chapter for writing down your own ideas with  prompts from Holly of course!  

There are eight chapters in all, from chapter 1 on Inspiration to Finalising the Scheme in chapter 8.  

  This book would make a lovely gift for someone who is interested in decorating their own home.

Every chapter is written to encourage the reader into thinking creatively about their own space and how they would like to decorate it.  I love the way Holly has put this book together.

I've certainly enjoyed the inspirational photographs and the way Holly has incorporated the working pages in each chapter.

I can think of a few people I could buy this book for. 

Are you curled up somewhere snug and warm with a good book?
Me too!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Nothing beats a cup of tea and a good book does it? There is always a pile of cookbooks of where I've been, my kids say "who's been sitting in this chair" and I never cease to smile like I've never heard it before. Liking the new style blog x

    1. Thank you! I agree totally! In weather like this I could sit for days...

  2. Holly's book would be perfect for me.
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. I'm glad you liked the post Cindy, it's definitely a book to have on your bookshelf! Wishing you well x

  3. Hello Sharon...i can't find you on pinterest...please help

  4. Sweet Sharon!

    How lovely to see your visit tonight. Curled up with a good book? YOU BET! Poetry, language, French, whatever my heart desires. I love a good decorating book as well and your collection here speaks volumes! Anita


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