The weather, to snow or not to snow  seems to be the main topic in the news lately.  While snug indoors over the weekend I found this beautiful apartment featured in the  December issue of Lonnymag. 

 This elegant room belongs to Matthew Kowles of NYC.  He describes this look as 'British Campaign style'.  It's a small space so he has carefully and meticulously added only functional and beautiful pieces in his apartment.  I have a bit of an issue with televisions in bedrooms, as I believe your bedroom is your sanctuary, but I like how it disappears among the wall art.  This is definitely a bedroom is relax in.

(all images Lonnymag Dec issue)

Do you have a quiet sanctuary away from it all, somewhere cozy and relaxing?

Have a great day!


  1. Hello Sharon:
    This looks to be an incredibly clever use of a very limited space. The studio is neither very wide nor very long but the designer has managed to fit a lot into the space without making it look cluttered. And, so many interesting objets d'art to catch the eye. Like you, we find the way that the television simply lends into the wall of art is intelligently done.

  2. Me encanta estas estacias!!!


    1. Hi Nela, thanks for stopping by, glad you like it!

  3. I guess my sanctuary is my living room. Our home is very small and there isn't room for individual rooms just to get away in. I love these neutral images, the art on the wall pops nicely.
    Have a lovely day!


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