Saturday musings

I woke up to rain lashing against the windows, 4 hours later and it's still raining...but that's okay, change of plan, instead of tidying up the garden and cutting back the Lavender bush, I'm sitting here with you!

My kind of images...hope you enjoy

(all images via Pinterest)

Happy weekend, whatever you're doing!


  1. Raining first thing here too, then we managed a walk in some very feeble January sunshine. Great images! Janex

  2. Good morning Sharon (here it's 9am)

    We are supposed to have rain today, but so far it's a foggy morning, and I have a bad cold :(

    I like these pictures a lot. Before I did not have 'an eye' for photography, but little by little I've been developing a passion for it.

    Have a very nice week my friend.

  3. Sharon, lindas imagens...adoro fotografia, faço oficinas mas ainda tenho muito para aprender!
    Beijos e ótimo dia para você!


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