Visual stimulation

Wet Monday, grey Tuesday with the threat of snow down south, meanwhile we light the fires, hunker down and get cozy...

There's only so much you can do with a fireplace, you either use it as a fireplace, fill the grate with wood, pine cones or books.  Yes?

This fireplace is no longer being used and the designer of this space used a mirror to block off the open chimney...I think it's a great way of reflecting light back into the room and it's visually stimulating without being off putting; nobody wants to sit opposite a fireplace and see yourself reflected back (at least most of us don't!)  The mirror placement ensures that it only captures the torso and not the head! Clever!  Also LOVE the animal head mounted on the mirror!

(photo Sharon Jane interiors)

Have a great week!



  1. What a lovely idea !!...happy week love

  2. That is a very good idea, I like it! i also like the antlers mounted on the mirror. Have a good week, Cindy

  3. Hello Sharon:
    This is, as you say, certainly a very different way of dealing with a fireplace which is no longer used although, that said, we think it a pity not to be kept for its original purpose.

    We have discovered your most attractive and interesting blog through that of our very dear friend, Helen Tilston. We have signed up as Followers and will look forward to future posts.

  4. That's a clever idea, but I wish I had a fireplace and could use it to warm up the house in this winter.



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