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Hi everyone - Friday!!!

So today I'm doing a different post - paintings and incredible pen and ink drawings by a great friend of mine

Jody Olen

 She doesn't have her own website or a facebook page and she doesn't blog either, she just paints and  paints....as well as looking after her three children and a husband, and a house full of animals. 

That's what she does. 
From the heart.

She's extremely cool too...and she has the most amazing home...perhaps someday I'll do a post on her home.
So I thought I would showcase some of her work here.  It's my indulgence...I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

These paintings are large, approximately 1.5m x 1m

 This entire piece is pen and ink

and this one as -  well made to look like an antique official document

(all photos are subject to copyright)

Thanks for joining me today, hoped you enjoyed something a little different.

If anyone is interested in any of Jody's work, please drop me an email:
sharondj@hotmail.co.uk or leave a comment. 

Have a great weekend!



  1. Your friend is a great painter Sharon. Her paintings are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for sahring, I have also enjoyed the paintings
    Hugs Vicky

  3. Wonderful! Especially love that one made to look antique, clever idea! Minerva ~

  4. These are all wonderful...full of a point of view and personality!


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