Weekend and flowers

Friday I went hunting for white hyacinths.  I must have visited at least four or five florists before I found one that sold white hyacinths with the individual bulbs.  White and blue flowers being my absolute favourite, although I am learning to love other colours as well!

The dining room is now filled with the
the sweet scent of flowering hyacinths!

A blue lacquer tray from Nom Living arranged with flowers, a book on Quiet Corners of Paris, bird candle and an empty lily tealight holder.  I've gone through at least 300 tealights during the Chrismas period and my stock is now finished!

If the weather holds tomorrow I am determined to take the cover off my bicycle and go for a cycle along the beachfront.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Hello Sharon:
    We can almost smell the delicious scent of the Hyacinths from here! They really do lift the spirits indoors when outside all is cold, grey and gloomy. And, they are in such beautiful containers.Delightful!

    1. Thank you Jane, I agree, they do lift the spirits in these grey times as well as provide the most beautiful scent when you enter a home! Happy Sunday! x

  2. I love hyacinths, they smell so amazing! And they're so pretty. Cindy

  3. Hyacinths are so gorgeous and the fragrance is so fresh and intoxicating! Thank-you for visiting and I love your blog!
    best wishes

    1. Hi Frances, thank you so much...your blog is amazing! Have a great day!


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