Kitchens to make Pancakes in

Happy Shrove Tuesday everyone!

I've spent the evening making loads of pancakes!  We all love them different ways, cinnamon sugar and lemon, nutella, lemon and syrup and berry coulis!

Hope you enjoyed your pancakes today?

So with pots and pans behind me I'm looking at my kind of dreamy kitchens.
Kitchens where I want to pull the drawers open and see what's inside!
Kitchens with interesting shelving, or glorious wallpaper, or chalkboard splashbacks where I can doodle a recipe !

(all pics from pinterest:  frommoontomoon blogspot,
 Lonnymag, melanieRiley,

See you Valentine's Day!


  1. Nice kitchens! Your pancakes look delicious, are they like crepes? Here our pancakes are thick and fluffy, I'm not crazy about them, but my hubby really like them. I like crepes better. More than any of them, though, I like waffles. Have a good week. Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for popping by. These are thin like crepes. I love waffles - we don't have a lot of waffles restaurants here though. Waffles are very popular in South Africa though with various toppings, both savoury and sweet! Have a sweet day Cindy...x

  2. Hello Sharon:
    Here, we are afraid, we must differ from you. If we never set foot into a kitchen again, it will be too soon.

    But Tímea, our cook/housekeeper, did make us some excellent pancakes!

    1. Hi Jane and Lance, I've always enjoyed baking and cooking...I believe it's one of my love languages, how I show love to others ha! but I also know the joys of having a cook/houskeeper do all that for me and it was lovely especially when the children were younger!

  3. Hello Sharon,
    I'm a little late but Happy pancake day!
    I really love all the open shelving in those kitchens and the blue dresser is amazing.
    Its snowing outside today and its oh so pretty,Think i need a hot chocolate.
    Have a lovely week xxx

    1. Same to you K, hope you made some too! It started snowing here but then melted...enjoy it while it lasts!


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