Oops, somehow I deleted my last post.  I'll repost once I have photos to show you.

Did you know today is 
World Happiness Day?

Definition: "a state of well being characterised by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy".  
Are you experiencing intense joy today?

Whilst 'things' can't always make you happy, but joy is internal, great interior spaces will definitely increase your joy factor.  Imagine being in a state of intense joy every time you go into your home? 

Have a HAPPY day today!!!


  1. This is a very true sentiment. I decided on being happy after a very dark period in my life and happy is better. Our kids do lots of mental eye-rolls at their happy clappy parents but some of the time they too are happy people. Most of the time. x

    1. I get where you're coming from...totally. Happiness sometimes has to be a decision you make. Take carex


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