Tuesday I went shopping.  
It was 3C and the wind was bone chilling. 
 I was browsing for summer clothes!  I know, who does that in this weather??  

There's a lot of acid yellow, sorbet yellow, bright orange, peachy pinks, royal blue and turquoise about in clothing, handbags and accessories.

It struck me as I was skimming the rails looking for the something that wouldn't clash with my skin tone, that interior decor is very similar to fashion trends.  In fact, it mimics the clothing trends in every single way!  Turquoise made a comeback last year and this year orange is BIG! It's been creeping up in all the fashion magazines, online stores and highstreet stores since early January. 

 And that means we're going to see a lot of orange in decor as well.

Which brings me to the topic I really want to talk about.  

Changing trends and how to keep up with them all?

If decor trends mimic fashion trends, then that means we need to redecorate almost every year, because each year, new colours and trends will hit the runway!

If you're like me, and almost every other person on the planet, then you know it's impossible to redecorate every season, it's just not feasible unless you've won the which case SPLURGE!

So, I say forget fashion trends, decor trends and go with what you like.   That way you'll never feel you have to keeping changing things around every time a new colour comes on the scene.

There's nothing wrong with loving fashion and wanting to keep up with trends in decor, but my suggestion would be to keep to a solid colour in your big items of furniture so that you can add the new trendy pieces in small accessories like cushions, throws, pouffs, lamp bases or even a feature wall.

 These small items although some can be quite expensive, are more easily replaced than a big expensive orange sofa!  The pink and purple cushion covers can be packed away for a few years while you pull on the new navy and white ikat covers and the multicoloured lampshade can go to the charity shop, while you head to your nearest highstreet and buy a plain black one or in this case an orange one!

However, it is still possible to have a great space without keeping up with what the runways are doing.  Those interiors that have their own thing going on and seem to have the coolest, hippest vibe, are those without a fashionable colour in sight!

Fashion trends come and go but a great sense of style is always in fashion!

Happy Easter!!
We're having a friendship feast tomorrow and I'm making Mary Berry's Easter Pavlova!
recipe here

Until next time!


  1. Sharon, I so agree, fashion in interiors is difficult to keep up with, but as you say we do not need to feel pressured and can just have small adventures with the latest trend. It takes time to find our own style but it is fun to explore along the way. Orange is a colour which I never saw as feasible in my own home, but lately I discovered how wonderfully warm it is and paired with dark blue it is not as zesty as on it's own so we have used it in our conservatory. Love that golden sofa too! Happy Easter feasting. Minerva ~

  2. I agree, we should go with what we like1 My daughter is getting married soon, and orange is the accent color! It's really very pretty!

  3. Dear Sharon, I agree with you fashion comes and goes what is important is to keep our sense of style and use the new trends to create our on style.
    I wish you and your family and very Happy & Blessed Easter!

  4. Dear Sharon,
    I wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

    Greetings from Germany


  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments....let's celebrate our individuality! x

  6. Your suggestions are wonderful and they are what I have always tried to do. I love to use orange with my turquoise in the fall time, it looks fabulous, I think. But I could not live with it year round. But, it goes very well with so many great colours. In watching a few episodes of HGTV, I have noticed that my favourite Canadian decorator does not use any of the trendy colours, she uses a whole array of colours and uses them beautifully.
    Have a good day! Cindy


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